Recommended Supplements – Vince Delmonte Style!

Recommended Supplements – Vince Delmonte Style!

Vince Delmonte, the man behind No Nonsense Muscle Building keeps on bringing out small gems of wisdom on his blog. This time he is talking about supplements that he recommends and that he has used to get effective results.

Vince recommends three supplements: Creatine, ZMA and caffeine. Now, if you are not already taking creatine and you are working out, then I would suggest you leave the computer, go straight to the health store and pick up a tub of creatine monohydrate.

Forget all the different types, just stick with the monohydrate version as it is the one that has been used in all the studies and it is the type that has proven results behind it. Creatine is the top supplement recommended and used by all the professionals and is a total MUST HAVE!

I have been taking ZMA for the past two years now and it is something I take every night just before bed. It is one of those supplements that should definitely be in every guys supplement rotation as it can help support and strengthen many vital functions within the body. I keep a bottle on the table next to my bed so that I can easily remember to take it before I go to sleep, and I suggest you do the same thing.

I must admit caffeine is not a supplement I would recommend for everyone and it is not one that I use for my training goals. If you are a skinny guy and have a thin ectomorph body then caffeine can make it hard to reach your goals of packing on muscle and weight. The reason is because caffeine is a strong appetite supressant and will stop you from being able to reach the necessary caloric intake to put on muscle.

When I was a skinny guy back a few years ago I use to always drink coffee and the effect on supressing my appetite was very powerful as I would hardly eat anything at all. But I did notice that the days when I stopped drinking coffee my appetite returned with a vengeance! So in short if you are struggling to put on weight and muscle then stay away from caffeine. If you want to burn fat and build muscle then caffeine can be an effective way to reach your goals.

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2 Responses to “Recommended Supplements – Vince Delmonte Style!”

  1. Mark Lorie Fitness April 8, 2012 at 3:57 am #

    Interesting that Vince points out coffee being an appetite supressent. There is much debate over that, and some claim that caffeine increases appetite, but that it generally leads to binge eating. I certainly agree with Vince, plain and simple just don’t drink coffee, but I wonder why there is so much debate over coffee, and why nobody really knows for sure the side effects of coffee.

    • Alex Siddy April 10, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

      I definitely agree with you about the never ending debate surrounding coffee or more specifically caffeine. Back in the day when I was a skinny weed, I used to drink coffee like a madman and I did notice back then that my appetite was always completely shot. It was only until I limited my coffee to one a day that I noticed my appetite coming back with a vengeance. Coincidence? Maybe.

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