Vince Delmonte Just Hit The Nail On The Head!

Vince Delmonte Just Hit The Nail On The Head!

Vince Delmonte the creator of the genius No Nonsense Muscle Building program has been posting an interesting two part series where he is getting into the core of how to really achieve results in building muscle, health and life in general regardless of society and genetic limitations. Vince has always been the type of guy who does not like anyone to impose any limitations onto what he can and can’t do and like most people it makes his blood boil.

In part one of the posts Vince gives the advice to not analyze when it comes to taking action and to even act a bit “naive” at the results you could obtain. Vince has achieved many amazing accomplishments not only in building muscle but also in business and creating an amazing relationship with his fiance.

It has been spoken again and again that how much your friends influence your life. The saying  ”Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” is an important thing to take on. His post is full of interesting examples to support his philosophy of success.

Vince’s post is mainly centered around one question: “is it impossible to grow beyond your genetic limitations?” I know personally that is is definitely possible to grow beyond genetic limitations by dreaming, planning, changing and getting rid of mental blocks, and taking massive action. And then once you have taken massive action you need to learn from the results (or lack of) and keep adjusting your actions until you get what you want.

What do you guys think? Is it impossible to grow beyond genetic limitations? You can check out Vince’s article here but make sure you come back and leave a comment below!

You can also take a peak at Vince’s top workout program for gaining muscle mass: Click Here

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