Truth About Abs Review – Pro’s And Con’s

Truth About Abs Review And Complete Analysis

truth about absWhat man doesn’t want to be the proud owner of a six pack that turns heads at the beach? But getting solid abs has always been a problem for the majority of men. In this Truth About Abs review, I will be exploring all aspects and components of this outrageously popular abdominal training program and reveal both the pro’s and con’s to this system and whether or not it can solve the age old question “how do I get six pack abs?”

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If you are considering investing in the Truth About Abs guide, please hold off until you read this review as this system is not for everybody. I will start this review by giving you a quick overview about what this guide is all about, then I will dive head first into the deep end and report back about every chapter of this course. This will give you big insight into what the guide covers, how it works, and what you will learn. I will then wrap up this Truth About Abs review by letting you know the pro’s and con’s to this program and my overall thoughts.

Okay, sit back, relax and get stuck into this detailed review of Truth About Abs…

Truth About Abs Overview

Mike Geary, the creator of Truth About Abs, has created a system that at first seems to be targeted towards people who want to get six pack abs. But once I started reading this guide, it became clear that although this is definitely the goal of his system, getting six pack abdominals is actually a by product of training and eating in a very specific way.

If the focus is purely on getting a six pack, without any focus on the bigger picture of transforming your whole entire body, then ultimately you will fail to get the best results or at best you will be either a skinny guy with a six pack or an overweight guy with a six pack but one that will never see the light of day due to the thick layer of fat covering the stomach. In either cases, the end result will not be as spectacular as it could and should be!

Mike Geary’s approach to getting a six pack is to focus on exercise and diet. The exercise is split into two categories, ab training and full body workout routines. The diet is based on calorie restriction and common sense practices. Both of these components are absolutely vital if you want to get a six pack. For years I have been urging people to use what I call the “dynamic duo” of muscle building and fat loss, which is exercise and diet, in combination. Neglecting just one area, whether it’s exercise or diet, will only sabotage your results and stop you from achieving those six pack abs you have been desiring.

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Focusing on these two areas is even more important when it comes to getting six pack abdominals. You must choose exercises that sculpt the abs and also include ones that will speed up your metabolism to burn fat. An effective diet will help expose the abs and stop fat from being magnetically attracted to the belly area. I know too many gym junkies who have outstanding bodies but fail to get rid of their belly fat, so even though they probably have amazing six pack hiding deep beneath the fat, nobody would know!

In the Truth About Abs, Mike Geary has chosen to focus on both the exercise and diet components in combination to transform the body as a whole. Using up-to-date information, age old wisdom, and tried, tested and proven techniques, the Truth About Abs is definitely not something that has been quickly thrown together haphazardly. It’s a well thought out and strategically planned guide.

Now let’s take a look through each of the chapters so you can gain greater clarity and insight into this guide and what it has to offer…

Truth About Abs Program – A Sneak Peak Within

Beginning – Read This First

truth about abs opening chapter

Normally, I wouldn’t add this section to a review but I found there was a lot of interesting information in this part of the guide. This is basically a quick run down of the program. Mike starts off by letting the readers know that this system is for both men and women of all ages. He actually admits that 60% of his readers are women! This is something I was actually very surprised to hear.

He talks about specific ab training vs full body workouts and which one will bring the best results (according to him it’s full body workouts). He says ideally, your focus should be on both of these areas if you want to maximize your results. Additionally, Mike also talks about the options that are available to take advantage of the workouts. There are commercial gym workouts, home gym workouts, and even body weight only workouts. This means just about everybody should be able to use the Truth About Abs system without any limitations.

Mike ends this section talking about the importance of nutrition and how he has created this system to easily integrate cutting edge nutritional aspects so that they are not a short term fad but rather a way of life. Or the “abs lifestyle” as he calls it.

Chapter One – Introduction

truth about abs ch1

The Truth About Abs starts off with a bang as Mike talks about the many reasons why it’s hard, in our culture and the times we are living in, to get ripped six pack abdominal muscles He talks about all the misconceptions and lies being told by so called “experts” about how they think people should get a six pack. Whether it’s by some strange diet or one of those crappy ab machines.

I found out some interesting statistics in this section. According to Mike Geary, it’s estimated that as little as 2 – 3% of the population will have a low enough body fat percentage to actually visually see their six pack muscles. Crazy huh? But when you think about it, how many people do you know in the real world (not in the gym) who have a rippled six pack? It’s a rare thing for even people who regularly go to the gym to have a fully loaded six pack, let alone the mass population.

In this section, Mike also talks about the benefits of having a six pack, outside the head turning factor, and reveals why this system is different than others that are on the market. And why he thinks users will be at an advantage following this program.

Chapter Two – Body Fat Percentage

truth about abs ch2I guess you could say that the “truth” about abs is revealed in this chapter. This “truth” is that if you want to get impressive six pack abs, actual ab exercises should be your last priority, not your top priority. Most people, even if they have only been working out for a short period of time, will already have a six pack. The only problem is that it’s hiding beneath a layer of fat. By tweaking exercise and diet, “some” people will be able to get a solid six pack very quickly.

I say “some” because if you have not been training or working out at all, then you will need to combine weight training, specific ab exercises and nutrition to build up the ab muscles, while burning fat. The point is, getting amazing abs is not so much about the exercises you are doing (think crunches, sit-ups and side bends) and more about getting your body fat into single digits. As a guideline, Mike says men need to get their levels below 7 – 8% and women below 16 – 19%.

Chapter Three – The Starting Point

truth about abs ch3In this chapter, Mike talks about what he thinks is the number one most devastating reason why most men will never have six pack abs and an amazing body. Without giving away everything, it’s got nothing to do with what you eat or how you train. He then goes to talk about additional factors that most people don’t think about, which can stand in between you and your goal.

Chapter Four – Diet

truth about abs ch4This section of the Truth About Abs is all about the impact an effective diet can have on you getting (and keeping) six pack abdominals. This section comes before exercise because it’s far more important in Mike’s eyes because most people (even top trainers) struggle more with keeping their body fat percentage low, than actually getting a six pack. I know first hand, how easy it is to actually get ripped abs but how hard it is to keep your body fat percentage low enough on a consistent basis to make sure they are seen. So I can understand the importance of this section on diet coming before exercise.

This is an epic chapter and Mike covers a whole range of topics. He covers the impact of blood sugar, GI foods, fad diets, eating the right fats, processed foods vs natural, the truth about animal fats, plant based fats, balanced healthy eating, meal frequency, thermic effect of food, two hidden evils in our food supply (this was a real eye opener), the importance of dietary calcium, fat loss benefits of teas, unknown metabolism boosting foods hiding in your kitchen, estrogenic compounds, best ratios (protein, carbohydrates, and fat), meal plans and a ton more. As you can see, the Truth About Abs diet section is very comprehensive and covers just about all bases.

Chapter Five – Safe And Effective Abdominal Development

truth about abs ch5Next up in Truth About Abs, Mike Geary covers the topic of abdominal development with the focus on targeted abdominal exercises. He also makes a note that the full body workouts taught later are actually more important than these exercises but they still are valuable and should have their place in any six pack abs system.

In this chapter, you will get a crash course about the abdominal muscles. You will learn the exact muscles that are involved in getting a six pack. More importantly, you will learn how to stimulate all the most important ab muscles with maximum resistance.

Mike reveals a big list of bad abdominal exercises to avoid and a list of good abdominal exercises to focus more on. Some of the exercises on the list to avoid I have used many times before in the past. So it was enlightening to find out about these bad ab exercises so that I could boot them out of my training routine and replace them with the good exercises.

Chapter Six – Lean Body Mass And Metabolic Rate

truth about abs ch6This is a quick chapter designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to help you find the ideal number of calories to be consumed each day so that you are burning fat rather than gaining it (obviously very important). Mike will hook you up with a  free piece of software that will help you calculate your metabolic rate to help you come up with your ideal ratio.

Chapter Seven – Metabolic Effect Of Training

truth about abs ch7In this chapter, Mike talks about why weight training is more effective for getting six pack abs. There are some interesting point he raises in regards to this.  There’s also talk about multi-joint vs single joint exercises, or in other words isolated vs compound exercises. And there is discussion about the value of full body training to help boost your results.

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Chapter Eight – Free Weights Versus Machines

truth about abs ch8Mike is big fan of using free weights for nearly all of the exercises (which I’m glad to see). This chapter talks at depth about free weights and the place of machines in your training program. Using free weights is essential to achieving a ripped, healthy and safe body. There are numerous limitations to only using machines and can cause injury. But the solution is not to ban them. Instead, they can be utilized alongside free weights to help with specific things.

Chapter Nine – The Problem With Cardio, And My Solution

truth about abs ch9I was relieved to discover that Mike Geary isn’t another fitness nut who is on the cardio bandwagon! In fact he shares the similar views I have about cardio, which is always refreshing when two minds think alike :) It’s not that cardio is so bad, it’s just there are better ways to lose body fat so that your abs can be revealed. Mike goes into great detail about his solution, which is non other than high intensity interval training (HIIT), which is definitely a more effective approach than slogging it out on the treadmill or equivalent.

Chapter Ten – Frequency And Duration Of Training Sessions

truth about abs ch10Have you ever wondered what the optimal training frequency and duration of each workout should be? Well in this section of the Truth About Abs, you will get this question answered once and for all. As a guideline, Mikes approach is to train 3 – 4 days per week and the duration of each session should be between 45 – 60 minutes. If you add cardio into the mix (this is optional) then the training frequency can shoot higher but it’s still within your control and highly flexible.

Chapter Eleven – Putting It All Together

truth about abs ch11This is where everything you have been learning in the previous chapters comes into play. Mike will demonstrate all the most effective multi-joint exercises such as deadlifts, squats, bench press and so on. You will get a whole variety of detailed training programs organized into different sections for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. The good thing about these routines is that they are flexible. You can mix and match the different exercises that Mike gives you and you have a variety of different routines to try out so your training doesn’t become stale and boring.

Chapter Twelve – Additional Lean Body Tips

truth about abs ch12The bulk of the Truth About Abs program covers the foundational aspects of getting ripped abdominal muscles through both exercise and diet. There are additional components which Mike covers in this section that will help enhance your overall results. If you have heard about the 80-20 rule before, which is 80% of results will come from 20% of your actions (diet and exercise). Well, this section will cover the remainder of the 20% results.

Chapter Thirteen & Ending – Frequently Asked Questions And Final Thoughts

truth about abs ch13Truth About Abs wraps up with a section answering the most frequently asked questions that have come up numerous times from the thousands of users who have gone through this course. Then Mike gives his final thoughts and encouragement.

Now, let’s take a look at what I consider pro’s and con’s of the Truth About Abs exercise program…

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Truth About Abs Pro’s

  • Awesome Ab Training Routine – The targeted ab training routine can be done super fast. It takes 5 – 10 minutes to do this workout and will only need to be performed 2 – 3 times per week. This makes it super simple to introduce this workout into your busy schedule because let’s face it, everybody has 5 – 10 minutes for focused ab training. There are eight levels or phases included in this section. They get progressively harder as your abdominal strength improves. These are definitely challenging and I have added these routines into my weekly schedule because I like them so much!
  • Focuses On The Dynamic Duo – It’s good to see Mike Geary focusing on both exercise and diet to help users achieve their end goals. Although much ground is covered in the Truth About Abs and he explores a wide range of topics, the bulk of the guide is dedicated to exercise and diet. This is done in a very comprehensive manner and nothing is left out.
  • Detailed Information – It’s clear, right from the beginning as I read this guide, that Mike definitely knows his stuff and is an educated coach and trainer. Everything he says makes perfect sense and is aligned with science, age old wisdom, and practical knowledge. Even in this 152 page guide, there is rarely if any fluff. Mike’s style is straight to the point, which I like very much.

Truth About Abs Con’s

  • No Video’s – I would have liked to have seen some step by step video’s being used to demonstrate the Truth About Abs workout. Although, every exercise comes with detailed pictures and descriptions for each exercise used during each workout. Still, I definitely think Mike should have created some video’s to help total beginners who may want to see the exercises demonstrated with more clarity and precision. Something that still images cannot do.

Truth About Abs Review Conclusion

Let me end this Truth About Abs review by saying that this system is not for everybody. If you are purely looking to build muscle mass, then I would not recommend this product (check out MI40 instead). But if you want to lose weight, get toned, and find that “missing in action” six pack that has always eluded you, then Mike does a great job helping you achieve these things.

Having said that, I found great value in the ab training routine. The eight phase system is something that I absolutely love and highly recommend everybody should be using 2 – 3 times per week (each session takes me a maximum of 10 minutes). And even though, Mike says that the weight training component is the most powerful part of the system (apart from the diet). If you already have a weight training program you are doing, then just add the ab training routine into the mix and you will start seeing your abs pop out. Well, that’s as long as you are eating right.

So overall, I found great value in this 152 page guide. Mike clearly is knowledgeable about health, fitness, and building six pack abs. I picked up a lot of interesting tips and techniques, which has definitely improved my training and the ab routine has definitely worked it’s magic on my abdominal region (along with the diet advice). I hope you enjoyed this monster Truth About Abs review. I take my hat off to it if you made it all this way and you are still reading :)

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Create a body that turns heads,

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