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How To Increase Your Bench Press – The Ultimate Guide

One of the most frequently asked questions you hear bouncing around the gym and from anyone with a competitive bone in their body is “how much do you bench?” Your answer to this question will either result in you getting a nod of the head from the other person, a frown, a smirk or maybe a quick flash of jealousy. I always hate this question. There is more to building muscle and strength than merely focusing on the digits you can press when you bench.

And to be honest, unless you are competing in strength competitions or you’re a complete egomaniac, who really cares?

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6 Chin Up Alternatives – No Bar? We Got You Covered!

Chin Up Alternatives And Pull Up Alternatives (Video’s Included)

Chin Ups! Can you feel these two words strike fear into your muscle fibers? Most people know the value of chin ups and know they should be doing them but there is only one problem…they’re so damn hard to do. This is why many people search for chin up alternatives and pull up alternatives. The other reason why people search for alternatives is because they don’t have a chin up bar at their disposal.

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