The 91 Year Old Bodybuilder & Slaying The Excuse Making Monster

91 Year Old Bodybuilder

Photo Credit: Gian Paul Lozza for the Guardian

Whenever it comes to breaking through a challenge, transforming your body, or achieving anything that involves a great deal of change, resistance will inevitably show up and cause problems. Although there are many types of resistance, the one that has always been a challenge for me in the past is excuses. At one time in my life I classified myself as an “expert excuse maker”. This wasn’t exactly something I was proud about but the title stuck for many years. It took a great deal of focus and persistence for me to rid myself of this excuse making monster that had taken over my life for so many years. Today I am completely free of this monster and have been for many years.

But what about you? Does your inner excuse making monster come out to torment you on a regular basis? Say, like every time you want to workout? Would you like to slay this monster and get on with business, the business of transforming your body? One of the best ways to eliminate excuses is to get inspired by other people and their stories of greatness. I found an excellent article about a (what for it)… 91 year old bodybuilder. When I read about this guy, I was in absolute awe. Can you imagine yourself at 91 years old pumping iron at the gym?

Mind blowing isn’t it?

This 91 year old man also does rowing, judo, and enters fitness competitions. In fact, just a few years ago, at the ripe old age of 87 he was able to do: 57 dips, 61 chin ups, 50 push ups, and 48 crunches. And to top it off, he did each one of these feats in under 45 seconds! Now, although my excuse making monster is well and truly dead and buried, if it were still alive and giving me problems, hearing an inspirational story like this would have been a sharp and deadly blow to this monster.

So if you are still making excuses about why you cannot go to the gym, why you can’t stop eating a crappy diet, or why you can’t go to bed early to recover from your workouts (or any other of the 101 excuses people make), then check out the link below and read this truly inspiration story about the 91 (soon to be 92) year old bodybuilder. Prepare to be inspired!

Check it out by going to:

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