Sun Warrior Protein Review & Analysis

Sun Warrior Protein Review

sunwarrior protein powder reviewIf you are a vegan, health fanatic, or just somebody looking for the “best of the best” when it comes to a protein powder without all the harmful chemicals, unnecessary fillers, and terrible ingredients that are found in 90% of commercial brands, then you have probably had your hands full trying to find a powder that fulfills your requirements.

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I too was stuck in an endless search to find the “holy grail” of healthy protein powders. It took me many years, bloated stomach pains, fizzled taste buds, dry retching, and unsettling nausea to find one that put a smile on my face, boosted my health, while adding muscle to my body.

In this Sun Warrior protein review, I will be spilling the beans and reveal my thoughts about this popular vegan protein powder. If you are considering making the switch to Sun Warrior protein, then I urge you to first sit back with a green tea, a glass of alkalizing water, or whatever liquid health fix you need, and read this complete analysis. Invest in your knowledge first before you do anything else!

Awesome Video Review By Mike Adams!

I found this awesome Sun Warrior video review by the “Health Ranger” Mike Adams. Hit the play button for some excellent insights into this product. Then once the video’s finished keep reading for more detailed information :)

Sun Warrior Vegan Protein Powder

Before I get into this Sun Warrior Protein review, I just want to say that I’m not going to go into details about the dangerous synthetic chemicals and ingredients that are packed into the large majority of protein powders that are sold to the public. I’m hoping that if you are reading this review then you are a health conscious individual who is informed about this matter. If this is true, I salute you for valuing your health and searching for a solution to boost it. With that said, let’s get on with this review :)

Okay, first things first. Let me shoot a question at you. What do you want in a protein powder? While, everybody will come up with different answers to this question. Most people use a protein powder as a quick and easy solution for getting their required level of daily protein. But there is much more to taking a protein powder than for this one reason.

For me, personally, what I want in a protein powder is something that is high quality not low quality, healthy rather than harmful, easily digested rather than something that gives me stomach pains, a complete source of amino acids instead of being incomplete, raw rather than dead, organic instead of genetically modified, and totally natural instead of heavily processed. A tall order I know. But when it comes to something I put into my body, multiple times each day, I won’t settle for anything less.

Over the years, I have tried just about every type of protein powder under the sun. From whey powder to casein powder and from rice bran powder to pea isolate (and everything in between!) The closest protein powder that I have found that comes even close to what I demand from a protein powder is hemp powder. The biggest downfall of hemp is that it doesn’t taste that great, and it can be a pain to mix. Additionally, it’s not a complete source of essential amino acids. Sun Warrior raw powder on the other hand makes my taste buds sing with pleasure, it’s super easy to mix and it contains all nine essential amino acids.

Note: I still use hemp protein powder on a daily basis. I like to mix it with my green drink (chlorella, wheat grass and barley grass). But my top choice for getting the bulk of my protein needs is definitely Sunwarrior.

sunwarrior protein

Sun Warrior raw vegan protein has filled a void that has been missing for many, many years.This is especially true for vegan bodybuilders, raw foodist bodybuilders and gym junkies. In the past, trying to meet the high demands of protein necessary to support and fuel muscle growth, has been a significant challenge. Although, more companies over the years, have been creating vegan protein powders to fill this void (rice bran, pea, hemp, soy), unfortunately they have never been able to do this with complete success. This is where Sun Warrior protein truly shines and is in a league of it’s own.

Sun Warrior Protein Features

  • Germinated Whole Grain Brown Rice – The secret to the success of Sun Warrior protein is that it’s made using germinated whole brown rice. This process of germination and fermentation increases the nutrient level, boosts bio-activity, and elevates the amount of enzymes. The end result is a highly concentrated pool of pure amino acids, which the body recognizes, knows what to do with, and therefore can be quickly absorbed and assimilated. Which brings me to the next point…
  • Easily Absorbed – Before I made the switch to Sun Warrior I was a stuck with many side effects each time I took a protein powder that my body did not like. I would belch, pass wind, suffer from reflux, and become as bloated as the Michelin Man. Not a pretty site that’s for sure! Now when I take Sun Warrior protein, I don’t experience any of these unpleasant side effects. It’s clear that this clean source of protein is something my body loves.
  • Raw Baby – I am big on getting as much raw foods into my diet as possible. The reason is simple. The more high quality raw foods I put into my body, the better I feel. Sun Warrior protein is 100% raw. During the processing, the temperature never goes over 90 degrees fahrenheit. This ensures the product doesn’t make the transition from being alive, vibrant, enzyme rich and full of nutrients to being completely dead and void of health benefits.
  • Contains All 9 Essential Amino Acids – The problem with many other raw vegan protein powders is that they don’t contain all nine essential amino acids (your body cannot make these so it needs to get them from other sources). Sunwarrior has all nine of these and includes many non-essential amino acids to boot. This is a huge step up for vegans, raw foodists, and health fanatics.
  • Not Just A Protein But A Superfood – What? A protein powder being called a superfood? Yes, it’s true. Sunwarrior protein blend is not just a vehicle for delivering protein. It’s so much more than that. It’s a nutritional powerhouse that can and should be taken by all people who want to increase their health. With its high amounts of energy giving B vitamins, powerful antioxidants, minerals (phosphorus, iron, potassium), abundance of natural enzymes and easily absorbed protein, Sun Warrior rice protein nutrition powder proudly joins the ranks of being a top superfood.

Sun Warrior Protein Problems

Oh you thought there wouldn’t be anything wrong with Sun Warrior? Well you were wrong! Actually, the problem I have with this protein powder is only minor and it’s got to do with the natural sweetener Stevia. Now, I am a big fan of Stevia and use it frequently as a healthy alternative to sugar. But after having tried all three flavors of Sun Warrior raw vegan protein (chocolate, natural, and vanilla) I personally think that they there is a bit too much Stevia in the vanilla flavor. I found that it overpowered the natural taste of vanilla.

The chocolate flavor tastes fantastic and the Stevia is not overpowering at all. But my top pick is actually the natural flavor. Without any Stevia in it at all it actually tastes great. So if you like vanilla, give the flavor a try but I would recommend the Chocolate or natural flavors.

Sun Warrior Protein Review Conclusion

I am sure it’s clear by now that Sun Warrior vegan protein is something that I use regularly and recommend. I don’t care if you are a vegan, vegetarian, meat eater, raw foodist, or whatever type of label you have, this protein powder truly rocks. Yes, it can be expensive when bought in stores so it’s best to purchase online for savings. But regardless of the cost, you will get much more value from this protein that a cheap, synthetic chemical laced, and genetically modified whey protein. Sun Warrior protein is definitely worth the investment!

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I hope you enjoyed this Sun Warrior Protein review :)

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