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Everybody has different goals and needs when it comes to sculpting their body. If you want to speed your way down the road to creating a masterpiece of a body, then you’re going to need a little help :) Whether you’re a  skinny guy who desperately wants to gain weight and bulk up, a couch potato who wants to replace fat with muscle or a gym junkie who wants to turbocharge their results, whatever the case, there is a program that is just right for you.

But finding the exceptional program is the challenge!

I have done my best to track down and review the best programs, guides, courses and resources that are currently on the market. The following products have all been fully reviewed by me. But what does this mean exactly? To clarify, I have either purchased these products myself or the product owners have been nice enough to offer me a full copy to review. Additionally, I have personally tested the majority of these strategies, techniques, and workout systems first hand. So I have real world knowledge and understanding about the inner workings about how these programs and resources work.

The following products are the “cream of the crop” when it comes to producing results. Yes, they have made the cut! Many did not. Each product has been organized into different categories to make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Enjoy the reviews.

Best Muscle Building Programs For Beginners (0 – 12 Months)

  No Nonsense Muscle Building

Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program is the first system I followed that finally gave me the results I was seeking. If you are a beginner to the world of muscle building and weight training, then this program will give you the practical information needed to completely transform your body. Vince will teach you a whole variety of workouts and periodization strategies so your body continues to grow and develop. This is a 12 month workout system so you will have an entire year of cutting edge and powerful workouts to put into action.

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  Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

Do you know what body type you are? Are you an ectomorph (skinny guy), a mesomorph (athletic guy), or an endomorph (heavily built guy)? Depending on what body type you are, the type of workouts you do and the diet you go on will be vastly different. In Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, you will identify your body type, then using a clever software tool, you simply enter in your weight, measurements, and other stats, then hit one button and you will have your very own completely customized workout system and diet program. This will allow you to get faster results because you are not shooting in the dark anymore. Instead you will have a program that is built for you and only you!

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  Muscle Gaining Secrets

Hey skinny! Yes, I’m talking to you. Don’t look behind you to see if somebody else is standing there. Look me in the eyes. Now, answer this question: are you serious about learning how to reverse your skinny guy condition and pack on some serious muscle fast. If your answer is a “hell yes”, then trainer and health and fitness magazine writer Jason Ferruggia can definitely help. His Muscle Gaining Secrets program is not only very well put together and comprehensive but the super cool thing about it is that it continues to evolve as Jason’s knowledge and understanding about the art and science of building muscle evolves. This means you will have your hands on the most cutting edge and up-to-date training to get ripped fast. Say goodbye to the skinny guy!

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Best Muscle Building Programs For Intermediate To Advanced Trainers (12+ Months)


Although this is an intermediate to advanced workout system, I actually would recommend this program for people of all ability levels. Why? The reason is simply because the workout videos are mind blowing in regards to the insider secrets, tips, technique adjustments and enhancements that are revealed by IFBB bodybuilder Ben Pakulski. Even though I have watched these video’s at least 20 times each, I continue to pick up useful strategies whenever I watch them. I have completed three 40 day cycles of MI40 and the changes I have gone through are nothing short of remarkable. Highly recommended!

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  Mad Scientist Muscle

Did you ever have one of those genius friends who would lock themselves away in their room and build and create amazing things. They could be coding some cool new software program, making a killer audio track using Logic Pro or Garage Band, or creating some other killer “invention”. Whatever the case, if you were interested in what they were doing, then you would have first hand access to a genius in that specific area. This is invaluable. Well the equivalent when it comes to building muscle arena is Nick “Mad Scientist” Nilsson. This guy spends most of his time locked up in his home gym testing out crazy workouts, inventing new and more powerful exercises, and testing the limits of the human body. Luckily, he doesn’t horde the results of his “experiments” and instead spills the beans in his various training programs. The best and most up-to-date being Mad Muscle Scientist. This is breakthrough stuff!

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  Advanced Mass Building

A few years ago, I made the stupid mistake of attempting this workout after coming off a 2 month break from the gym. Bad idea! My arms were brutally sore for two weeks straight. The lesson learned –> only use the workouts from Advanced Mass Building if you have been training consecutively for at least a year! Fast forward to today…I regularly cycle in the various workouts contained within Advanced Mass Building. They are wicked for stimulating new growth, beating plateaus and for introducing a new stimulus. If you have been lifting weights for longer than a year, maybe it’s time to step up and give these intense workouts a shot!

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Best Fat Burning Programs

  Customized Fat Loss

Every time you use your computer, you rely on different software programs to help you access the Internet, write documents, plan your “to do” list and many other things. Don’t you think you should have access to software that will help you to burn fat and build muscle? Well, with Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss program, you will have direct access to a clever, sophisticated and yet simple to use software tool that will create a completely customized program for you to follow. Kyle doesn’t believe in “cookie cutter” approaches to achieving your ideal body. Different workouts and diets work for different people and different body types. So instead of using a generic workout and diet, why not use a system that is completely customized for you?

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  Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

I remember way back when I was about 6 years old at school, I use to sit next to this kid who was like a cyborg. He knew things that a 6 year old kid shouldn’t know. He was a genius. It use to make me nervous each time he raised his hand to answer a question. So even though he was my friend, I tried to avoid sitting next to him. This may sound like silly behavior but that was me as a young boy. Now that I’ve grown up and all that, I actually seek out help from people who are smarter than me and try to spend as much time as I possibly can. Bodybuilder and fitness model Tom Venuto is just like the kid I went to school with. He’s a damn smart dude and somebody who I now try to learn as much as I possibly can from. Tom’s Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, has been an Internet best seller for many years now. It’s been called the bible of muscle building and fat burning. At over 300 pages long and containing detailed, breakthrough, and up-to-date information, you cannot go wrong with this outstanding program.

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  Eat Stop Eat

Intermittent fasting. Have you heard this buzz phrase yet? If not, I’m sure you will sooner of later because recently it’s been getting a huge amount of attention due to its effectiveness at burning fat while keeping muscle. It took me a while to get on the intermittent fasting bandwagon but once I checked out Eat Stop Eat, I was very impressed with the creator of this approach, Brad Pilon, and the extent to which he researched this method both from reading peer reviewed journals and scientific articles and with real world data from people who he taught this approach. The promise of Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat is that you will be able to eat whatever you want, while only changing one specific thing you do once or twice a week and that’s it. Intermittent Fasting is simple but also a highly effective method that can work wonders for anybody who wants a solid weight loss system.

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Best Bodyweight Training Programs

  Shapeshifter Body Redesign

You are walking around with the most sophisticated piece of workout equipment known to mankind…your own body! But most people don’t have a clue how to use this equipment that has been with you since birth. Coach Adam Steer is the modern day superman of bodyweight exercises. He possesses crazy insight into how your body functions and how to use it effectively to blowtorch fat from your body. Shapeshifter Body Redesign is very well put together and Adam has done a great job creating a community feel with this program. Within the membership, lively discussion takes place and it’s clear that members are getting great results from becoming “shapeshifters”.

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  Tactfit Commando

I have spent the last 3 years living overseas in Asia (India, Philippines, and Thailand) and for months at a time I have been caught without a gym. Befor fully embracing bodyweight workouts, I would watch with a tear in my eye as muscle would continue to be stripped from my body. One day I said, “enough is enough” and that is when I came across Tactfit Commando and used it to stop losing muscle and start packing it back on. Being able to train anytime and anywhere is a major advantage for anybody who is always on the go, whether it be traveling interstate, overseas or for anybody who doesn’t have time to go to the gym.

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Best 6 Pack Ab Training Programs

  Your 6 Pack Quest

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  Truth About Abs

Read The Truth About Abs Review

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Best Supplement Guides

  Homemade Supplement Secrets

How would you like to make your own supplements in the comfort of your own home and save a fortune? What about learning how to add various ingredients into your own unique formulas that are designed for whatever results you want to achieve? Doing these things is surprisingly easy with Homemade Supplement Secrets by Jeff Anderson. Not only do you get a step-by-step guide showing you how to legally rip off the top supplements on the market and learn to make them, but you will also get Jeff’s secret black book that contains the best places to purchase bulk ingredients at a fraction of the cost you would pay in retail stores.

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  Bodybuilding Revealed

When you were at school did you ever sit next to a nerd so you could copy off them during a test? Okay, you don’t have to answer this question. Keep the answer to yourself :) I won’t tell you my answer either! But when it comes to “cheating” to find out the best information to do with supplements, Will Brink is the “nerd” I love cheating off. This guy is a dynamo when it comes to understanding peer review journals and scientific studies which to most people reads like complete gibberish. I actually don’t mind reading the odd one or two peer journals but anything more than this gives me a brain freeze. So I like to let Will sweat over the facts and figures to find the truth about supplements and if they actually work or not. Although I have put Bodybuilding Revealed in the supplement section, this guide and membership actually includes workouts, an exercise database and a lot more goodies.

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Best Diet Meal Plan System

  Anabolic Cooking

If you were to see the type of meals on my daily menu before I read and implemented the advice from Anabolic Cooking, you would be having a nice big chuckle to yourself! If you struggle to prepare fast and tasty muscle building meals when you step foot in the kitchen, then learn from one of the best “anabolic cooks” around, Dave Ruel. After reading this guide, you will be able to prepare delicious anabolic meals in minutes so you can give your body the raw fuel it needs to grow big and strong and recover from demanding workouts.

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Best Workout Enhancing Equipment

  Fat Gripz

I’m in love with my Fat Gripz. There I said it (don’t tell my girlfriend)! This training tool is dirt cheap, easy to use and it will give you a big advantage every time you train with it. Throw wrist curls out with all the other time wasting exercises. With Fat Gripz you will be able to build your arm size and strength without doing anything different to your actual workout. Just clip Fat Gripz onto any bar and instantly your workout will be enhanced.

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Best Protein Powders

  Sun Warrior Protein

We all know how important it is to get high quality protein into our diets to help our bodies to recover and grow from the workouts we perform but what’s the best source of protein? This debate will probably never end but for me, I want to get as much protein as I can from sources that are natural and healthy for the body. Sun Warrior Protein is exceptional in this regard and it also provides highly digestible, plant based, alkalizing protein that tastes fantastic. It comes in three flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and natural (chocolates my new favorite!). As a bonus, Sun Warrior contains no sugar or synthetic sweeteners, instead it contains the all natural and healthy alternative Stevia.

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I hope you have found some awesome programs to get started with,

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