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Product Name: No Nonsense Muscle Building
Created By: Vince Delmonte
Official Website: Click Here
Diet: High Calorie & High Protein.
Ability Level: Beginners To Advanced
Body Type: Ectomorph (Skinny) & Mesomorphs (Athletic).
Training Program: Based On Periodization. Focus Is On Undulating Periodization.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building Review Detailed Analysis

Since it first appeared on the Internet a few years ago, No Nonsense Muscle Building has gained momentum and spread like wild fire throughout the Internet to become one of the most popular muscle building programs of all time. In this No Nonsense Muscle Building review I will reveal my experience as I followed this 29 week program. You will find out what I liked about No Nonsense Muscle Building and the problems I had with it.

I came across Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program while surfing the Internet (and wasting time) looking at different bodybuilding Websites and forums. Everywhere I seemed to go I saw advertisments and write ups about Vince’s program. I already had my own workout program I was following, which I had mashed up from many different sources and it was based on as much information as I could find on a powerful training method called undulating periodization.

Using this approach I was getting excellent results and measureable gains each week. But I was not happy with the way I had laid out the system and wanted more information on undulating periodization. The only problem was it was hard to find anything about this amazing system, which as far as I was concerned (and many others) was the cream of the crop.

When I found out that No Nonsense Muscle Building was based on undulating periodization, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. Initial reactions after downloading Vince’s guide… it was BIG! 215 pages of no fluff, straight to the point, solid information. I read it right there and then, and started to put his training methods to use. Originally I was going to combine Vince’s workouts with the one I created but eventually decided I would test out Vince’s workout methods exclusively for the 29 weeks to see what kind of results I would get.

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The Beginning Of My No Nonsense Muscle Building “Experiment”…

As suggested by Vince, I took a week off my current workout to give my muscle fibers, nervous system, and mind a rest. Then I started following the No Nonsense Muscle Building protocal. The first 4 weeks before the 29 week workout system begins is called Upside Down training. This is a very effective 4 week program for correcting any imbalances that you may have in your body.

I would recommend everyone who uses Vince’s program to do this as it is a powerful way to prevent injuries and correct any muscle imbalances and weaknesses. The only reason I did not do it is because I already did a program similar to Upside Down training a couple of months before and corrected all my imbalances and I also do yoga everyday which also considerably helps in this area. If you haven’t done any tests to see what shape your muscles are in, then don’t skip over Upside Down training.

The Workout…

In the guide Vince details all the most popular training methods of periodization and analyzes each for their strength and weakness, then he combines their strengths together with undulating periodization to come up with a unique and powerful way to get quick results. I love full body workouts, which emphasize getting in and out of the gym as quickly as possibly. Vince utilizes three full body training sessions each week, he also uses supersets and a variety of different rest times between sets. Most training sessions will take under an hour to do.

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The workouts are based on using a mixture of periodization techniques and each of the three workouts will have different exercises to hit different muscles but same exercises will be repeated each week. The variables will be the reps, sets, and rest times, which change every three weeks. Many training programs will emphasize changes to be made to the exercise first but according to Vince the body adapts to the rep range quickly and the exercises much more slowly. This is why the focus is on changing the reps before the exercises.

I actually prefered to train this way because you are not constantly changing exercises, learning how much weight you can handle all over again, and making sure you are performing them correctly. Using No Nonsense Muscle Building you don’t have to worry about this. You will become a gun with each of these exercises and they will become your best muscle building friends which you will grow very aquainted to using.

The rep and set scheme change every three weeks and each time you to this you will be stimulating, hitting, and targetting different muscle fibers and achieving different goals, from strength to hypertrophy (muscle builidng). The No Nonsense Muscle Building system is a very balanced way to train and will not only shoot your muscle gains through the roof but you will also become very strong on this program.

After using this 29 week training program, I barely knew myself when I looked in the mirror. I was already training before using Vince’s system and was getting great results but No Nonsense Muscle Building was so much more organized and strategic than what I was doing with my training.

Gains came much easier while using this program and I learned which set, rep, and rest scheme my body made the biggest gains in muscle mass and strength. Knowing what works the best for your body is something that is hard to find out when using other programs which don’t give you the flexibility to try so many different variables. No Nonsense Muscle Building gets you in tune with your body on a deep level and this is the true key to the effectiveness of the program.

I won’t get into the advanced training program but all I will say is one word: WOW! Okay, I will say a bit more than one word. It combines Giant Sets and Crash Sets together into a split training routine or 3 – 4 workouts per week (depending on your recovery from these very intense worout sessions). The advanced training is a natural and progressive way to take your gains from the previous 29 week No Nonsense Muscle Building program and blast your gains and results to a whole new level. Powerful stuff!

Nutrition & Supplements…

I won’t get too much into both these areas as this No Nonsense Muscle Building review is already pretty long. What I will say is, the section on nutrition is very large. Vince definitely knows his stuff when it comes to the nutrition department. You will learn numerous ways to use nutrition to your advantage to help you achieve any goal you want. If you want to lose weight, Vince shows you how. If you want to gain weight, Vince shows you how. And if you want to maintain your weight, yes that’s right, Vince shows you how.

Vince Delmonte only recommends a few supplements, such as protein shakes, multivitamins, fish oil, and creatine. He outlines many other supplements but does not recommend them due to lack of research or studies which were done with an obvious bias which should be discounted of all validity.

Okay What Didn’t I Like About No Nonsense Muscle Building ?

My only real complaint about this program was that I trained at home most of the time while using this program and some of the exercises I had to research substitutes for. I would have liked a more flexibility to choose different exercises which we could then use for the rest of the 29 week program. Sure many of them I wouldn’t change because they are the most effective exercises for building muscle mass but I would have liked a few alternative options for some of the isolated exercises. These are my only “real” problems I had with the program, they are minor and really didn’t take away from the results I experienced while using this system.


If you are reading all the way down here, that means you got through this epic No Nonsense Muscle Building review! I went into such great detail because I wanted you to get a complete view into this amazing system so you can understand how it works on a deeper and more comprehensive level.

As I reach the end of this No Nonsense Muscle Building review, I want to assure you that you cannot go wrong building an amazing physique following this system. If you have been struggling to find a complete and effective workout system that gives you unbelievable results, then look no further than No Nonsense Muscle Building. Highly recommended!

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