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Workout Recovery – 15 Tips To Recover Like Wolverine

Wolverine has always been my favorite Marvel superhero. There’s something about his bad ass attitude, indestructibility, and coolness factor that captured my attention as a young kid. But later on, when I started getting into weight lifting during my teenage years, I was more intrigued by Wolverines amazing ability to heal and recover fast.

I use to think “how cool would it be to be able to recover within minutes of a gym workout?” Even though I realized, I would probably have to be born a mutant to expect a lightening quick workout recovery and have adamantium bonded to my bones, I never stopped searching for ways us mere mortals could recover fast from a gym workout.

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The 5 “Deadly” Side Effects Of Muscle Building Workouts

All weightlifting programs with the aim of building muscle mass should be stamped with a big red warning on the packaging. As soon as you start pumping iron on the regular, a lot of big and dramatic changes will start making their impression felt in your life.

These changes will not only effect yourself but everyone around you. The following side effects are classified as deadly and should not be taken lightly. Please learn from the mistakes I have made!

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Have A Threesome In The Gym…And Never Look Back!

All men want it, even though some may shy away from the idea or even admit to thinking about it…but we do and we can’t help it. Having a threesome in the gym (and regularly) is the key to unlocking the potential residing within you that once tapped will revolutionize your life.

But so many men never get to experience the true joy that a threesome offers. If you are hitting up the gym a few times each week and spending each session fumbling around with only foreplay then you are just wasting your hard earned time.

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Create Your Muscle Building Masterpiece

Have you ever heard the saying “without a vision people perish?” Well I am fond of saying “without a vision your muscle will perish” and it is definitely true! A vision is a clear image of the ultimate outcome for your goal, so in the case of building muscle you vision may be to have an outstanding, well defined physique and to look hot naked….

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