Muscle Building Adventures In An Insane Industry

Anyone who has been in the health and fitness industry for even a short amount of time, know that there is so much insanity when it comes to getting the facts right about…literally everthing. And when it comes to the world of building muscle it’s even crazier!

Experts disagree with each other, people bicker and complain on Internet forums, and facts and fiction blur together. So called “scientific tests” or “control studies” all undermine each other. No one really knows what is going on…

Supplement companies make crazy claims and spread lies to catch people in their marketing web and get them spending money on crap they do not need. Bodybuilders advise non bodybuilders how to train like them. Inexperienced guys hang out at the gym peddling the latest workout they read about in Muscle Fitness Magazine that is neither right for them or suited for their level of experience. Guys pack themselves into gyms working out 6 days of the week and never get fully recovered and wonder why they don’t grow…the list goes on and on!

Is there a way out of the clouds of confusion that are settling down around guys in gyms everywhere? Although we all have different goals for working out I think we can agree on the main ones: to put on muscle and look and feel damn good when the mirror reflects our image back to us? It may be hard to get the results you want with the overload of information and advice that is being dished out but all hope is not lost…

Somehow we all have to fight our way through the madness to find out the truth. It usually happens by accident and other times it is planned. Results are realized when we stick to proven workouts, diets and tips that have consistently worked throughout the years. There is usually no hype or B.S. to get you pumped up about something that flat out does not work. Just age old wisdom that utilizes real world results so that you can finally achieve the results you were after all along.

But even this is not enough though! You have to put on your metaphorical blinders and ear muffs to keep blocking out all the illusions and deceptions that could seduce you off your newly chosen path that you are on. Forget the marketing ploys of supplement companies. Forget jumping between workouts every few weeks. Forget listening to the thousands of voices at the gym, on the Internet, all around you and even your inner demons. Forget everything that takes you away from the path of results!

Find the right training program for your body and experience level and stick to it. Screw everything else! Until you get your diet, workout, recovery, mindset and lifestyle habits optimized forget about things such as supplements as they won’t do a thing for you if don’t get the main factors sorted out and optimized.

Workout hard, play the game of life at 100% intensity and stop trying to be so damn perfect…aim to be outstanding instead. Dream big and attach bridges to those dreams so you can walk across them and turn those dreams into reality. Keep raging against the B.S. in the bodybuilding and muscle building world and stay true to yourself and commit to following the path that is right for you. If there is no path to follow then learn from others and then blaze your own trail. Stay focused and you will make the impossible happen…

All the best on your muscle building adventure!

I hope you enjoyed the post,