MI40 Review – Pro’s And Con’s

MI40 Review And Complete Analysis


In the world of bodybuilding and muscle building, many systems come and go. Some demand attention while others go silently into the night, never to make another appearance again. The new muscle building program named MI40 has been proven to be different. Not only is it gathering a huge amount of attention but it has already become extremely popular in a short amount of time.

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In this MI40 review, I will be digging deep into the heart and soul of this product to see exactly why it has caused such a frenzy of excitement in the fitness and muscle building community. So if you want to find out what is all the the fuss about surrounding MI40, then keep reading as all will be revealed…

Who’s The Man Behind MI40?

Before we get stuck into this MI40 review, it’s important to know who the man behind the product is! In this case, the creator is none other than professional bodybuilder Ben Pakulski also known as Ben Pak. Now just because somebody is a professional in their area of expertise, it doesn’t mean that they can teach other people how to get the same type of results that they get. Luckily, Ben, who is also currently training (and using the MI40 principles) to compete in Mr. Olympia in 2012 is an amazing coach who has a knack for teaching.

Ben Pakulski is one of the world’s top most ranked IFBB bodybuilders. He has a Honors Degree in Kinesiology and has been coined “The Thinking Man’s Bodybuilder” due to his ability to analyze concepts and find the exact elements that produce results. He has helped coach many top athletes including Canadian fitness model champion Vince Delmonte. If you have seen Ben before then you will know what a beast of muscle mass he is. For those that don’t know him take a peek at his pictures below:

ben pakulski

Ben Pakulski competing is a scary thing!

So What Is The MI40 Workout?

MI40 is a highly unique, clever, sophisticated and high tech muscle building system that has been developed using some “underground” principles, powerful techniques, and literally unheard of methods. The “MI” in MI40 stands for Mass Intentions and the number “40” is very significant for numerous reasons, which I will cover.

But first, I am sure you are wondering what Mass Intentions is? This is a specific technique that has shot Ben Pakulski up the IFBB bodybuilding competition charts and has allowed him to pack on huge amounts of mass very quickly. It’s based on changing the angle and the lifting technique of various exercises to allow you to stimulate and hit more muscle groups and at a higher intensity that what you may ever have thought possible. The end result is more mass, fast!

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The Mass Intentions push and pull technique is unlike anything I have ever seen before. To the untrained eye, you will not be able to notice any difference. But to the person who is actually applying Mass Intentions, there will be huge and noticeable differences. If you didn’t feel your muscles being strongly activated using regular exercises, with Mass Intentions you definitely will. And what is best is that it’s backed up by science and bio-mechanics, not bland useless theory.

Inside MI40 – A Sneak Peak For The Curious!

I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy of the entire MI40 training program before it was released to the public. Thanks Ben! I am currently finishing off a hypertrophy cycle and then in the new year I will be putting MI40 to the test. I have thoroughly reviewed the program and I have to say that I am very impressed with it and excited to get started using the techniques of “Intentions” and “NOS”.

UPDATE: It’s been over a year since I wrote this review. I am currently just starting my 4th 40 day cycle of MI40. I am constantly amazed at the results I am able to obtain during each of these cycles. Oh and by the way, I have become completely addicted to the NOS training technique (more about this later in the review). This simple technique has allowed me to stimulate my muscles like I have never been able to before. I could sum it up with one word…awesome!

For those curious souls who want to know what each individual component of the MI40 program contains, I will highlight the stand-out points below so you can get the inside scoop…

mi40 training manualComponent 1: The 40-Day MASS Intelligence Training Manual

This is the introduction guide that is an overview of the system, how it works, and what to expect. Ben also goes into detail about the best training methods he has learned over the years and continues to use leading up to competitions. The guide was a real eye opener for me and I had multiple “aha” moments. NOS (Neurological Overload Sets) and Intentions are two of Ben’s unique hypertrophy techniques that are also explored in great detail within this guide.

mi40 nutritionComponent 2: The 40-Day MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual

Ben Pakulski’s 3-PN (3-Phase Nutrition) system is explored at great length. I thought I had seen and heard it all when it came to building muscle and nutrition but it seems as though Ben had many new tricks to teach me! Within the nutrition manual, you will discover all the diet factors contained within a 24 hour day and how to manipulate them at specific intervals to create non-stop mass building. In particular, you will learn about pre-workout, intra-workout (during), and post-workout tips, tricks and techniques. At 53 pages in length, this section of the MI40 course will be a big wake up call to many people, even seasoned gym junkies who have been around the “muscle nutrition block” countless times.

mi40 videosComponent 3: The 40-Day MASS Instruction Workout Videos

Step-by-step videos of each MI40 workout are demonstrated by Ben and a variety of his friends including, Bodybuilding Champion Matt Stirling, TNA wrestler ‘The Freak’ Rob Terry, and Pro Fitness Model Vince Del Monte, plus more. It’s one thing to read about the techniques such as “Intentions” and “NOS” and it’s another thing to see them demonstrated in graphic, detailed, and easy to follow videos. These video’s make learning the entire MI40 system a breeze!

Even if you didn’t want to attempt the MI40 workout (not sure why that would be), if all you did was watch these video’s of Ben going through various lifting techniques, dropping golden nuggets of information, and drilling down into the bio-mechanics of the body, not only would your muscle building IQ shoot up but you would be able to dramatically improve any workout you do in the future. Ben’s knowledge about the human body is outstanding and his ability to teach what he knows in a simple manner is amazing. I think I have watched each of the video’s in this series about 15 times each. there is so much information and value packed into each video that I continue to pick up new tips, techniques and tricks that help me to pack on mass effectively and efficiently.

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Component 4:The 40-Day MASS Proportions Exercise Execution Guide

This 52 page guide is extremely useful to use after reviewing the video’s. It contains detailed information and pictures showing how to do each of the 40 exercises. Key points are included, as well as hot tips, and warnings.

mi40 workout sheetsComponent 5:The 40-Day MASS Prescription Printable Workout Sheets

If you walk into the gym without a plan, then often you fail to get the best results. Ben Pakulski has made following the MI40 workout routine super simple by including printable workout sheets of the entire program. You will know exactly what exercises to perform, how many sets and reps, lifting speed, rest breaks, when to apply “Intentions” and “NOS” and additional helpful tips along the way.

mi40 calendarComponent 6:The 40-Day MASS Pursuit Calendar

Print this MI40 calendar and stick it to your wall for a quick and handy way to see at a glance each workout you will have to perform during the whole 40 day cycle.

This makes it easy to know what days to workout, when to rest (off days), and the specific workout split.

mi40 supplement stackComponent 7: The 40- Day MASS Supplement Stack Protocol

In this short but informative 19 page guide, Ben reveals all the supplements he uses and recommends to his clients. He has a unique focus and goal for using supplements, which is to reduce muscle inflamation, reduce muscle destroying cortisol, optimize glucose utilization, while speeding recovery so you can get back into the gym fast. Ben has really mastered the art and science of supplementation and I have already implemented many of the breakthrough solutions that he revealed in this guide.

mi40 audioComponent 8: Size Secrets Audio Interrogation

I cannot comment on this audio component of the course as I have not listened to it yet. But I am sure it will contain many more golden nuggets of muscle building knowledge, tips, and techniques from Ben Pakulski.


1, 2, 3…40?? What’s The Deal With The Number 40 In MI40?mass intention 40

So what’s so special about the number 40? Ben chose this number for very specific reasons:

  • The MI40 cycling period is 40 days long.
  • Each set will go for 40 seconds.
  • You will rest for 40 seconds between each exercise.
  • Each workout will go for 40 minutes in length.
  • There are 40 exercises to choose from.
  • 40 different muscle building foods are recommended.
  • Included in the MI40 training program is 40 day by day meal plans.

MI40 has been created to be a very intense training session, where a lot is fit into each 40 minute workout. The “time under tension” principle that is a key factor for stimulating muscle growth has demonstrated time and time again that 40 seconds is the recommended time to stick to. 40 second rest periods will be challenging if you are used to 1 – 3 minute rest cycles between sets but it will definitely help overload your muscles. 40 seconds is actually more than enough time for your CP and ATP Glycolytic energy pathways to bounce back and recover in time for the next set.

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Being in and out of the gym in 40 minutes is not only great for people who cannot slave away for hours at the gym (not that it’s recommended anyway) but it’s also an excellent way to stay focused and just “get to work” once you walk into the gym. No time wasting, just 100% pure focused action.

MI40 Workout Features

  • Feel Your Muscles – Now, this may sound like a strange concept but many people who train, even if they have done so for many years, don’t really “feel” their targeted muscles working strongly. By this I mean they are not able to feel all the specific things that go into making a muscle fire strongly. When you apply the Mass Intention principles, you will understand what I mean by this. Basically, you will be able to experience a greater activation of the targeted muscle group fibers firing at a very high level of intensity. Watch the video below where Ben explains more about MI40 and the principles behind it.


  • Smart System – We all know the principle of “progressive overload” or constantly increasing the weight you lift each training session. But there are many other variables that will cause muscle hypertrophy to take place. Going heavier isn’t always the best option, especially if you are new to training, have pre-existing injuries or continually hit a muscle building plateau.
  • Awaken New Muscle Groups – Using the Mass Intention techniques, you will be forced to lift less weight but you will be stimulating a greater number of muscle fibers. The muscle fibers that have been sleeping each time you do an exercise such as the bench press or squat, will be awakened in new and fresh ways when you change your lifting technique.
  • Totally Unique And Different – Ben Pakulski has done a wonderful job creating a 100% unique and different system that will breathe new life into your training routine. Ben is living proof as to what his system can sculpt and he is now giving people an amazing opportunity to gain insight into his powerful training program.

Pro’s Of MI40 (The Good Stuff)

  • NOS (Neurological Overload Sets) – Ensuring that your muscles reach maximum overload isn’t the easiest task. Many trainers like to preach that they have the best techniques to overload the muscles but most of the time tests fail to show maximum muscular activation. If you have been previously training “hard” but only seen small or minimal results, then you are going to love NOS. To perform a neurological overload set you will be performing a type of extended set, where you will try to do it for as long as possible, while at the same time holding maximum tension and using perfect form. This “weapon” is brought out at the end of each “regular” set and it will absolutely torch your muscles.
  • Easy To Learn System – With DVDs, daily printable meal plans, PDF guides, and detailed training. You will have everything you need to master the MI40 system. Ben has done an excellent job of breaking down the concepts into easy to learn step by step information. You won’t ever be left scratching your head, wondering what to do. But if this ever happens, just shoot Ben and email and he usually gets back with a response within a few short hours.
  • A Mix Of Theory And Practical – It’s important to understand the concepts and elements behind MI40 as this is a very unique and highly specialized training protocol. But all theory and no play (practice) will get you nowhere fast. In the MI40 muscle building guide you will learn all the necessary theory but the large bulk will be on teaching you how to put the system into practice in the gym.

Con’s Of MI40 (The Bad Stuff)

There aren’t too many things wrong with MI40. It’s a very solid, comprehensive and powerful training method. But it does have one “flaw” that is really just something that you will need to factor in if you choose to train the MI40 way.

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  • Be Prepared To Be Uncomfortable – Due to the uniqueness of this system, you will need to make some pretty dramatic changes to the way you train. Every exercise will need to be tweaked to become a Mass Intention exercise. So be prepared to go through a learning curve and welcome stepping out of your comfort zone. This will be an uncomfortable ride because you will be leaving many things you have become accustomed to doing, back in the past, so you embrace new training techniques and principles.

MI40 Review Conclusion

MI40 is one system that deserves to have the spotlight of popularity shining over it. Ben Pakulski is definitely a man who walks the talk and is somebody to listen to by the shear number of accomplishments he has been able to achieve. More specifically, MI40 has been expertly created and is one of the most powerful training methods I have ever used. I will definitely be keeping you up to date with how my training is going as I continue to put this to work.

I hope you have enjoyed this MI40 review and you understand the amazing benefits that this system can offer you. If you haven’t realized by now, I highly recommend this system. So if you want to get maximum muscle building results, lightening fast, then it may be a good idea to check out Ben’s awesome program.

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Mass Intentions Ben Pakulski

Thanks for reading this MI40 review,

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