How To Increase Your Bench Press – The Ultimate Guide

One of the most frequently asked questions you hear bouncing around the gym and from anyone with a competitive bone in their body is “how much do you bench?” Your answer to this question will either result in you getting a nod of the head from the other person, a frown, a smirk or maybe a quick flash of jealousy. I always hate this question. There is more to building muscle and strength than merely focusing on the digits you can press when you bench.

And to be honest, unless you are competing in strength competitions or you’re a complete egomaniac, who really cares?

Sure, if you can bench press the equivalent weight of a baby elephant, then you might have some bragging rights but at the end of the day, you should be measuring your own improvement by looking at your own personal best. Not those of other people. Now that I have got that little rant out of the way, if you want to learn how to increase your bench press without the BS, then this post will be an enlightening read.

I have assembled some of the best content I have found on the Internet to help you significantly improve your bench press. Apply what you learn from these killer resources and you will be able to boost your strength and pack some serious muscle onto your pectoral muscles.

Are you ready to learn how to increase your bench press and make your chest pop?

learn how to increase your bench press

20 Ways To Increase Your Bench Press RIGHT NOW!

Champion bodybuilder Anthony Church brings the goods in this article and reveals 20 potent tips to help increase your bench press. And no not in a couple of hours, not in a few minutes, but immediately! Pay particular attention to the first tip that will teach you about learning to keep your shoulders in the retracted position while you bench. This position is vital to stay safe and boost your power.

Also tip five, squeezing your glutes, is something you should definitely implement next time you bench. You might surprise yourself as how much this quick tweak can improve stability and therefore boost your power.


Increase Your Bench Press – Top 10 Tips

Sorry if this might sound slightly depressing but sooner or later you’re going to find yourself stuck in a bench pressing plateau where you struggle to lift heavier weights as your strength and size remains the same or even weakens. I say “sooner or later” because everybody will inevitably stall in their progress and hit a plateau. If you find that you are cursing the muscle building gods when you’re in the gym, back resting on the padded bench, with your hands griping the barbell, ready to press but your strength is failing you, then these tips will help get you unstuck.

The first tip, “Powering Up Your Triceps” is essential to fix the muscle group that can hold you back from making the gains you desire while benching. Also tip six is one that is a big no-no. I see people training their triceps and chest on the same day and it’s a big reason why they struggle in the growth department.


How To Increase Your Bench Press By 10 – 50% Instantly!

I take my hat off to the guy who wrote this post, Caleb Lee. He’s done a great job explaining how to best position your body so that you achieve “maximal strength”. This will allow your body to “fire” and recruit the maximum number of muscle fibers so you achieve a more powerful bench press. Simple but powerful!


Increase Bench Press – A How To Guide To Improve Your Max

This post follows on from the one above and will further show you some foundational techniques that you should memorize so that you perform the bench press with proper form. Included are a few additional strategies to power up your triceps and back, which will go a long way in helping you bench big!

Another tip I will slip in here is to do use Fat Gripz while you do all your chest exercises. This insanely powerful tool will help boost your grip strength while your go about your normal routine and this will result in your being able to lift heavier weights when you bench.


My Tricks: Dumbbell Bench Press

I have been using this dumbbell bench press trick for years now. It might take a few attempts before you’re able to do it properly but once you learn this simple method to safely hoist your dumbbells and get them in the optimal position (as well as bring them back down again), you will wonder how you ever lifted dumbbells before you knew about this killer trick.

It won’t directly help you to increase your bench press and pec size but it will allow you to conserve your strength so you can dedicate more of it to fully benching with dumbbells, and the more strength you have for benching, the better your overall results. As an additional bonus it will keep you safe when doing dumbbell presses with heavy weights.


How To Push Up Your Bench Press

Do you ever find it difficult to press the weight up when it’s a few inches above your chest? Of course you have, we’ve all experienced this before! Many people get stuck in this position and have to call out to their spotter for assistance. So what can be done to power through this position and save your cry for help? I will give you a hint…read this article!

Lee Hayward will show you how to use push-ups to develop explosive speed and strength each time you perform the bench press. Included is a simple workout to perform once a week to really help boost you into uncharted territory with your bench press progression.


How To Increase Your Bench Press

Okay, it’s time to move on to a heavy duty workout that will allow you to add 20 – 40 pounds to your bench press. Has your jaw dropped? Well, pick it back up and read this article. Then kick all isolated exercises out of your routine and focus on these three powerful exercises revealed by Blake Bissaillion. So if you’re serious about increasing your strength and benching like a beast, give this workout a shot.


“Compound Exercise Overload” To Force Muscle Growth And Gain Strength

This unique and super powerful overload exercise is for experienced trainers only. If you’re a newbie to the gym, don’t even bother attempt to act on the information contained within this article. I have always been a big fan of Nick Nilsson (the guy who created the Compound Exercise Overload technique) and Rusty Moore (the guy who is walking you through this exercise and commenting about it.

So if you’re game, go check out this post and try out this gutsy technique…


10 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Bench Press

Another kick-ass article by Nick Nilsson the self proclaimed “Muscle Frankenstein!” Whenever Nick talks, I listen, it’s as simple as that. The man is the equivalent of a mad muscle bound scientist who never stops coming up with potent muscle building ideas and then testing them out on himself to see if they actually work. Well, Nick is back from the lab with some cutting edge information about how to significantly improve your bench.

The first tip, “work your rotator cuff muscles” will reveal what is perhaps one of the most neglected muscle group but it’s one that Nick claims can add 20 – 30 pounds to your bench in just a few short weeks. He also gives a great exercise that will work your rotator cuffs through their entire three planes of movement. I have been using this exercise for the past year and it works wonders strengthening the rotator cuffs and therefore increasing my bench press.

Check out the post by going to…


Well there you have it, the monster list of resources to learn how to increase your bench press. If you find any more killer bench press resources and anything unique and effective that will help make your chest pop, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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