Homemade Supplement Secrets Review

homemade supplement secrets programHomemade Supplement Secrets Review And Detailed Analysis

Let’s play the “what if game” for a minute. What if…all the supplements you have been taking over the months and years to build muscle mass have done absolutely nothing to help you achieve your goals. Instead, all they have done is sent you broke, while making the supplement manufacturers rich. How annoyed would you be to discover that this “what if” game actually was true?

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In this Homemade Supplement Secrets review, I will be digging deep into the heart of this guide that promises to show bodybuilders how to become their very own supplement scientist who can mix up the perfect muscle building cocktail and do so while saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year. With the economy in the state that it is and people looking to save money anywhere they can, this guide could be the savior for bodybuilders who are looking to cut down on the huge price tag associated with buying multiple supplements.

What Is Homemade Supplement Secrets?

Jeff Anderson (also known as the Muscle Nerd), the creator of the Homemade Supplement Secrets ebook, created a guide to expose the shady dealings that 90% of supplement companies use on regular people to part them from their hard earned money, while selling them “junk” products which give the user little if any results. Jeff then goes on to reveal the truth behind top brand name products, showing what they contain, if the ingredients actually do anything (based on real scientific research), and (here’s the cool part) he will then show you how to effectively “rip off” the product and create your own version (and usually a more powerful and enhanced version) for while saving a small fortune!

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If becoming your very own “supplement designer” sounds exciting, then keep on reading this complete Homemade Supplement Secrets review as I will be revealing everything there is to know about Jeff Anderson’s system. I am actually an owner of this guide and I will expose you to both the pro’s and con’s so that you can make up your own mind if this guide will be something you want to invest in.

Inside Homemade Supplement Secrets – A Sneak Peak For Curious Minds!

Don’t ever buy a product on hype alone! To really gain insight into what a product has to offer before making an actual purchase, it’s vitally important that you are able to get a sneak peak into what you will be getting. Lucky for you, I have access to Homemade Supplement Secrets and I will be peeling back the curtains and expose you to the main components that are inside the course…

homemade supplement secretsComponent 1 – Homemade Supplement Secrets PDF eBook

Warning! At 193 pages, the main guide for Jeff Anderson’s Homemade Supplement Secrets is big. Jeff packs a ton of value into each page. Starting with a crash course in shady supplement manufacturers and the devious tricks they use to suck people into buying their usually worthless products. You will be exposed to the good, bad, and flat out ugly side of supplementation (this was very revealing). The large bulk of this monster guide is devoted to helping you get set up to create your own supplements. Jeff will rip apart 24 of the hottest and best-selling bodybuilding products in the following categories, pre-workout aids, mass gainers, muscle builders, fat burners, sports performance, post workout recovery, nitric oxide, and hormone boosters.

You will get a detailed breakdown of every ingredient in each of the top products, what they are “supposed to do” and what science actually says. Then you will get Jeff Anderson’s step-by-step “recipe” that will show you in great detail how to replicate the product and even enhance it to make it more powerful. The cost savings of following Jeff’s recipes are significant. In fact you will easily be able to save a few hundred dollars each week and if you are a real supplement junkie, the savings can be even greater.

homemade supplement secrets reviewComponent 2 – The Little Black Book Of Supplement Suppliers

What good is trying to save money by creating your own supplements if you cannot find any suppliers that sell high quality ingredients cheaply? Luckily, Jeff has done his homework and come up with multiple suppliers who satisfy and meet these criteria. The majority of these suppliers are based in the United States but they also ship overseas.

For people located in the UK or Australia, Jeff has organised a special deal with a very manufacturer who ships worldwide. Not only are the prices cheap and extremely high quality, but you will also be able to get an additional discount through Jeff’s special arrangement. This is dynamite if you are a user like me who is located outside the US, in my case I reside in Australia.

jeff anderson homemade supplement secretsComponent 3 – Unleashed Natural Testosterone Enhancement Manual

Testosterone is essential for boosting your muscle building results. In this 42 page manual, Jeff will reveal 27 powerful strategies to boost testosterone and do so in a completely natural and healthy manner. Some of these tips you can implement immediately and are super simple to do. While other tips are a bit more difficult to do but will reap greater rewards in boosting testosterone. If you are serious about increasing your muscle mass and getting the most out of your workouts, then it would be a good idea to start using some of these tips.

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Homemade Supplement Secrets Pro’s

  • Simple And Smart – If I could sum up Jeff Anderson’s Homemade Supplement Secrets ebook system, it would come down to two words, simple and smart. Jeff will successfully weave you through the supplement maze and help you to actually get results from your supplementation. With simple step-by-step recipes, helpful insight, and tips to boost your body’s ability to build muscle mass, you cannot go wrong investing in this amazing system.
  • Save Hundreds Of $$$ Each Week – Buying commercial supplements, especially any that are popular, will set you back hundreds of dollars each week or month. Once you learn how to create your own supplements and “rip off” the top brands, you will be able to get better results for less money. This is the smart approach to building muscle mass through supplementation.
  • Create Custom Supplements – The best supplements are not those that are marketed to the masses but those that are customized uniquely to you own individual needs. In Homemade Supplement Secrets, you will learn get a crash course in the most effective scientifically proven ingredients that can help you achieve the exact goals you desire. A customized approach to supplementation will reap the most powerful short term and long term results.
  • Build Your Own Supplement Lab – To get started quickly and easily, Jeff gives you detailed instructions to get your own “supplement lab” up and running in next to no time. If you think this sounds expensive to do, you might be surprised to find out how cheaply the set up can be. Anywhere from a few dollars to under $100. Remember, this is a one off cost and you should easily be able to pay for the up front expenses from the money you will be saving anyway.

Homemade Supplement Secrets Con’s

There is nothing really wrong with Homemade Supplement Secrets, Jeff Anderson has done a wonderful job covering all the angles to create cheap and high quality supplements quickly and easily. I am actively using the knowledge I have gained from this guide and I’m actively applying it every week, so if I come across any future problems using this system, I will be reporting them in this section. But until then, Jeff Anderson is taking home a A+ report card for this guide.

Homemade Supplement Secrets Conclusion

Overall, I view Homemade Supplement Secrets as a no brainer solution. If you are serious about maximizing your results in the gym, then using proven supplements can definitely give you a big boost. Now thanks to Jeff Anderson’s Homemade Supplement Secrets, there is no need to have to work a second job or max out your credit cards to pay for expensive supplements!

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