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Product Name: Hardgainer Project X
Created By: Jeff Anderson “The Muscle Nerd”
Official Website: Click Here
Diet: High Calorie, Carb Loading, Protein Cycling.
Ability Level: Beginners
Body Type: Ectomorph (Super Skinny Guys)
Training Program: Neuromuscular Bridging (Escalating Density Training) & Lactic Acid Training.

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Hardgainer Project X Review – Detailed Analysis

Jeff Anderson “The Muscle Nerd” is at it again with a brand new system for the genetically challenged body group known as ectomorphs AKA skinny guys. This program is designed specifically to address the issues that super thin guys face when they want to learn how to gain weight and pack on muscle. So if you are not a super skinny guy who is just starting out in the world of weightlifting…look elsewhere. But if you do fit into this category, keep reading.

When it comes to building muscle mass, skinny guys have the odds stacked against them. In the first chapter of Hardgainer Project X, Jeff Anderson goes into detail about why it is so hard for skinny men to gain weight, which he says is because of the following reasons: fast metabolism, catabolic hormone dominance, poor neuromuscular communication, type 1 muscle fibre dominance, reduced muscle protein synthesis, reduced recovery potential, and a highly acidic system.

A few big words there huh? I won’t go into detail about each of these as Jeff covers them in detail. In fact these negative factors are what Jeff’s system addresses to reverse skinny genetics. When used correctly, Hardgainer Project X is designed to help you gain a minimum of 1.5 – 2 pounds of muscle each month, which is pretty impressive!

Training Program

The Hardgainer Project X training is designed to beat the genetic limitations that skinny guys face when they try to train the “regular” way. The Hardgainer Project X workout is significantly different from what you may have been exposed to before. It combines compound exercises with isolated exercises but each must be done at specific times to accomplish different goals. Instead of following progressive loading, the hardgainer workout is based on increasing the total weight for the entire exercise session and not just individual sets.

You will be training 3 days of the week using this system which is plenty of time to get into the gym to stimulate muscle growth and then have enough time to recover and build muscle. Each workout session will take between 30 – 45 minutes to complete.

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hardgainer project xOvertraining is addressed by cycling workout intensity levels so that you never hit the dreaded “plateau” or “muscle building hell” as many bodybuilders call it. This is important because it means that you will keep growing while you follow this workout and never go through periods where muscular growth stalls or stops completely, which can happen with other systems.

The thing I really like about the Hardgainer Project X workout is that you get to choose what exercises you do for each targeted body group. This is great if you’re working out in a home gym with limited exercise equipment. Also you can choose exercises that you like and can easily substitute or rotate different exercises to keep things interesting.

Each workout chart can be printed out and taken to the gym. The charts can be a bit confusing to follow at first because the exercise structure is unique but after a few workouts it will become easy to understand and use.


The diet is one of the most important factors (and hurdles) for many hardgainers. Jeff outlines several problems that skinny men face if they follow the normal “generic” guidelines many trainers preach. Increasing calories are only part of the puzzle. Jeff describes the best methods which have worked for hardgainers, to get the right balance of calories, protein, and fats to create the ideal anabolic conditions for muscular growth.

A fine balance needs to be struck for protein to be effective for hardgainers. Too little protein and your body will not be in a positive nitrogen balance to build muscle and recover from workouts. Too much protein and your metabolism level will be too high and it will be difficult to gain mass.

Fats are often ignored in muscle building programs but they are very important to building muscle. Fats are proven to help increase testosterone levels so leaving them out of your diet is crazy. But you need to know which ones to take (most are bad) and when to take them. Fats are also a great source of calories, so they can help hardgainers to reach the “calorie surplus” that is needed to gain weight and muscle.

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If you follow the tips and strategies Jeff outlines in the dietary part of Hardgainer Project X you should expect the following results: increased protein synthesis, slowing down of your metabolism, and increased anabolic hormone levels. So what does all this mean? Well, it means you are creating the ideal anabolic environment where muscle mass happens quickly and easily.


I really enjoyed the diet theory of Hardgainer Project X, everything that Jeff says flat out makes total sense and a lot of the diet principles made me aware why it was so hard for me to gain weight and muscle when I was a skinny hardgainer back in the day. The carb loading cycles are really cool as well. I won’t go into the exact science behind it but by following a schedule of depriving yourself of carbs and then increasing them at strategic periods of time you will be able to push your body to build muscle at an accelerated rate.


Jeff is not big on taking a ton of supplements and according to him they are just a waste of time (he couldn’t be more right!). He only recommends three “must have” supplements: protein, multivitamins, and creatine. Additionally you can also take glutamine and branch chained amino acids for recovery. To build muscle and gain weight if you are a hardgainer, you’re going to need the right workout and diet, only then look into taking supplements.

What’s Wrong With Hardgainer Project X?

If I had to complain about Hardgainer Project X, it would be the lack of a diet meal plan. Although Jeff goes into great detail about the diet component it would be nice to have a specific daily meal plan to follow. But you just need to be a bit creative and use the guidelines he suggests.

Wrap Up

If you are a beginner to weight training and you are a skinny guy who just cannot gain weight no matter what you have tried in the past, then I recommend you give Hardgainer Project X a shot. It is one of the most comprehensive and easy to follow systems for skinny guys to get gain weight and get ripped quickly.

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