Got Questions? Ask Georgie!

If you got a lot of questions in the health and fitness arena and you have been scratching your head for days then check out Ask Georgie at This Website has a huge amount of high quality information that you can get lost in for hours so beware!

One particular article I liked was her advice to two guys who had wanted to gain weight after being on a break for a long length of time through injury. She brought up a key point that I think is worth highlighting and that is that ligaments and connective tissues need to be built up and made strong before hoisting around heavy weights.

In the article context it’s to do with people who are injured and returning to training/working out. But building up ligaments and connective tissues are key factors for anyone who lifts weights to avoid injury and to be able to lift heavier weights.

At the end of the article isĀ  7 more points to gain weight which are all spot on for the skinny guys out there!

You can check out the article that I’m talking about by clicking here.

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