Fat Gripz Review – Pro’s And Con’s

Fat Gripz Review And Complete Analysis

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In this Fat Gripz review, I will be doing a complete and thorough analysis of this unique training tool that promises to be super simple to use, while helping to boost muscle mass, strength and size. If you are intrigued about what this exercise tool has to offer, how it works, and how effective it really is, then keep on reading as you are about to get a serious crash course about the pro’s and con’s of Fat Gripz (also mistakenly called Fat Grips).

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Fat Grips – Hype, Hype And More Hype!

Fat Gripz are a unique and powerful training tool that has recently received a huge amount of attention and hype. Now, I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to get caught up in mainstream hype because often I find that it turns out to be a case of “if it’s too good to be true then often it is”.

But the question remains, does the attention that has surrounded Fat Gripz justify the hype or does this tool fail to deliver? As somebody who is always searching for the edge inside and outside the gym, I couldn’t help but to invest in this training tool so I could find out if it really could help boost my results.

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What Are Fat Gripz – A Closer Inspection…

To describe Fat Gripz in the simplest way, they are a tool which attaches to barbells and dumbbells, transforming the regular bars into fat or thick bars. So what’s so great about making your bars fat? If you are scratching your head, wondering why this would be of any benefit, then allow me to explain.

Lifting weights with fat bars completely changes the effect that resistance training has on the muscles, especially the fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, and upper arms. The greater the muscle activated during each lift, the better the end results will be in regards to strength and muscle size. Thick bars are designed to stimulate and activate the muscles of the arm far greater than lifting with regular bars.

The biggest problem with thick bars are that 99% of gyms don’t have them and if you are thinking about buying a set for your home gym, then you can expect your jaw to drop when you discover how expensive these bars are. The next best thing to shelling out a small fortune to purchase thick bars are to purchase a tool that emulates them for a small fraction of the cost, the most popular and well-known tool that does this is Fat Gripz.

Fat Gripz Pro’s

  • Strengthen The “Weakest Link” – When you start lifting heavy weights, you will discover very quickly, like most people, that the weakest link or obstacle to lifting more weight is your grip. If you have ever found your grip giving out way before the muscles that you were targeting where pushed to the limit, then you have experienced first hand the frustrating effects of the weakest link! Every time you lift using Fat Gripz you will be strengthening your grip and the more you lift the greater your grip strength will become. If it hasn’t clicked yet…this benefit is awesome :)
  • Save Time In The Gym – Strengthening your grip is essential to being able to lift heavier weights and at a higher level of intensity. But adding a few sets of grip exercises such as wrist curls will only extend your time in the gym. I don’t know about you but I like my workouts to be highly efficient and streamlined. By using Fat Gripz you can kiss wrist curls goodbye while shorten your gym time. The end result is more strength and size in less time.
  • Reduce Joint Problems – Some people suffer from joint pains and problems from lifting weights. And if you are an unlucky victim, unfortunately the older you get, the more problematic your joints can become. I recommend certain supplements such as Glucosamine for people who experience joint issues. Additionally, it’s essential to take the pressure and stress off the joints and put it where it counts (the muscle) by increasing the surface area of the targeted muscle. Fat Gripz do this very effectively and result in less joint problems!
  • Upper Body Transformation – What happens when you are able to quickly enhance your arm strength? Ding, ding, ding, times up! What happens is that your entire whole upper body will benefit with increased size and strength. By training with Fat Gripz, you will quickly discover a major boost to your arm strength, which will allow you to effectively lift more weight and therefore give you more powerful overall results. Don’t be surprised if you notice yourself benching bigger after a couple of weeks of using Fat Gripz.
  • Uses The K.I.S.S. Principle – Fat Gripz follow the principle of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) as they are so easy and safe to use. Just snap them onto any barbell or dumbbell and you are good to go. If you need to change them over to a different bar such as a pull up bar, then simply snap them off (takes a split second) and attach them to the new bar. It doesn’t get any easier than this.
  • Feel The Difference – As soon as you start using Fat Gripz you will be able to feel them working their magic immediately. Since you will be activating the muscles of the arm much more strongly than before, you will definitely be feeling your muscles working powerfully. Expect to feel a greater pump in your arm, especially your forearms and even biceps.

Fat Gripz Con’s

  • Extra Concentration Required – When you use Fat Gripz you will need to be focused on the exercise you are about to use and how this will impact the positioning of the Fat Gripz. Over time you will get use to learning the optimum positions that the Fat Gripz will need to be in for specific exercises but at the beginning some users might find the learning curve frustrating. As a general guideline (as explained in the instructions) for all pressing movements keep the slit of the Fat Gripz pointing away from your palm and for all pulling movements make sure the slit is facing the palm.
  • Possible Allergen – This is not really a con but more of a warning for people who are allergic to rubber. As powerful and effective as Fat Gripz are known to be, if you have an allergy to rubber don’t risk training with this tool. Obviously, for the majority of people, you will have nothing to worry about but it’s worth highlighting this warning to anybody who might be at risk using this training tool.

Fat Gripz Review Conclusion

Fat Gripz are one of those amazing training tools that come around every decade or so that are worthy of all the attention and hype they receive. Regardless of the reason why you are lifting weights, utilizing Fat Gripz can only help and enhance your training. So if you are serious about getting the edge, then investing in Fat Gripz will totally revolutionize your workout sessions and will quickly become your new gym buddy. I cannot recommend Fat Gripz highly enough!

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