Eat Stop Eat Review – Pro’s And Con’s

Eat Stop Eat Review And In-Depth Analysis

Eat Stop Eat ReviewFasting, fasting, and more fasting! The subject of fasting for weight loss continues to rise in popularity for both men and women who are looking to achieve their ideal figure. In the past few years, I have been interested in fasting more for health reasons rather than to burn fat. During this time I had heard about Brad Pilon’s intermittent fasting program called Eat Stop Eat but initially I paid no attention to it.

But the more I continued my quest to find everything I could about the topic of fasting, the more I continued to hear about Eat Stop Eat and Brad Pilon. Was it the universe telling me to “pay attention” or was it just coincidence? I will never know 100% but sure enough I decided to invest in Brad’s guide.

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Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat

Brad Pilon The Creator Of Eat Stop Eat

Additionally, my interests levels started to peak even more once I heard that his system was a dead simple and totally unique approach to fasting. The promise of Eat Stop Eat is that you will be able to burn fat without losing any muscle mass. This is a great thing for both men and women. But is this pure fantasy or something real and tangible? I devoured Eat Stop Eat in one sitting to find out!

In this Eat Stop Eat review, I’ll be going into great detail about Brad Pilon’s intermittent fasting system. I will tear apart each chapter of the 144 page guide so that you can gain insight, clarity and a better understanding about the Eat Stop Eat diet plan and how it works. I will also reveal both the pro’s and con’s to this program.

So get comfortable, settle back in your seat, and continue reading…

Eat Stop Eat Diet – What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Before I get into this Eat Stop Eat review, are you scratching your head right now wondering what on earth is intermittent fasting? If you’re close to drowning in a sea of confusion, then allow me to give you a quick crash course on the intermittent fasting diet.

Basically, intermittent fasting is a unique method of fasting. Instead of doing a long, grueling, and extremely challenging fast that goes for multiple sequential days. Intermittent fasting is a short fast that is done either once or twice per week and never on consecutive days. Each fasting session will last for a period of 24 hours. During the fast, you will stop eating all foods, then after the period is over, you can continue eating as per normal.

As an example, you could choose to start your intermittent fasting session at 2pm on Monday and then break the fast at 2pm on Tuesday. The interesting thing about following Brad’s method is that you will never go a complete day without eating. This makes it much easier to do and sustainable long term.

Watch this video of Brad Pilon explaining how he has incorporated Eat Stop Eat uses fasting…

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There are many benefits to the longer fasting sessions that I am sure you have heard about but they are just not sustainable and much too difficult for modern people living in a modern world to maintain. Long fasts of many days and weeks are difficult to do on all levels, mentally, physically and emotionally. On the other hand, intermittent fasting is a simple concept and can easily be practiced. It’s been designed to be a natural fit for your lifestyle, no matter what your busy schedule looks like.

Eat Stop Eat – Who’s It For?

The Eat Stop Eat diet system has been designed for both genders and all age groups. Fasting is a universal tool that is used because of the many health benefits and also for religious practices. When done properly, it is very safe. As always it’s recommended to consult a physician before taking part in any diet program. It’s also worth pointing out that intermittent fasting is more safe than long term fasting. In fact, in Eat Stop Eat, you will learn the many health benefits of intermittent fasting. It’s not all about weight loss!

Eat Stop Eat Pro’s

  • Easy To Use System – When it comes to learning how to fast for weight loss, it’s important to make things as simple as possible. Now, you may be thinking that fasting is simple enough. All you have to do is not eat for a specific period of time. But after reading Brad’s guide, you will realize that there are many factors and specific elements that can either make or break your success at intermittent fasting for weight loss and health.
  • Backed By Sound And Logical Evidence – The most impressive thing about Eat Stop Eat, is that Brad doesn’t talk any rubbish or make any claims that are bogus. He has done a huge amount of research into the are of fat loss and fasting, and he backs up all his claims with proven research, scientific studies and logical evidence. At the end of the guide, Brad also includes multiple pages of references so that you can double check his findings first hand.
  • Common Sense And Hype Free – I have to take my hat off to Brad Pilon. Eat Stop Eat is one of the most common sense and hype free weight loss guides I have ever read. He is a master of analyzing popular diets and exposing why they work to burn fat and also what their limitations are. He never says that the Eat Stop Eat approach is the only system you should follow or that it’s the best. Instead, he sums it up by saying that there is no “right” way to eat, only the right way for you.
  • A Way Of Life, Not A Diet – Eat Stop Eat is not actually a diet. There are no foods that are banned, no nutritional formulas to follow, no supplements or exotic foods to be taken, and no counting calories. Eat Stop Eat is a way of life and a habit that has tremendous benefits over regular dieting or caloric restriction programs. Dieting is hard but timed small fasts are easy to do.
  • Never Go A Day Without Eating – Most people when they hear the word “fast” think to themselves (or aloud) “how am I going to fast for 24 hours straight without any food?” Well, the truth is that the scheduling of intermittent fasting in Brad Pilon’s system, means that you will never go a day without food. Also, you need to subtract eight hours for sleeping. So really you will only have to go on a “conscious” fast for 16 hours. Anybody can do this!

Eat Stop Eat Con’s

Practical Information Problems – The biggest problem I had with the original Eat Stop Eat guide when it came out in 2007 was the lack of doable information. The first version of this program was 78 pages in length and 90% of it was research and case studies to support the theory of intermittent fasting for weight loss.

Now there is nothing wrong with research and I actually love that Brad has thoroughly assembled this system by utilizing all the research and case studies available to prove his case for using intermittent fasting. But I still didn’t like the fact that only 10% of the original guide was focused on practical information.

Hey, what can I say, I’m a practical kinda guy :)

This has thankfully changed with the latest version, which is almost double the size of the original version. It clocks in at 144 pages long and it’s now an epic “monster” of both research and practical “action based” information. So the latest version is far more advanced and enhanced than the previous version, which I have to say I am very pleased with.

Intermittent Fasting

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Eat Stop Eat – A Sneak Peak Into Each Chapter…

If you’re one of these curious people who likes to find out everything they can about a particular topic and dig deep before investing in something, then this chapter by chapter insight of the eat stop eat program will not only satisfy your curiosity but will also allow you to know without a doubt whether eat stop any is the right program to you to achieve your goals. Let’s get into a…

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersPreface And How It All Started

Brad starts off with a bang, going straight into a general analysis of the popular diets from the past and present and how they help people to lose weight. The common theme is that the most effective diets create a calorie deficit which brings about weight loss. But the biggest problem with calorie restrictive diets is that they are damn hard to continue doing long-term. This inevitably brings up the question, are traditional calorie restrictive diets even necessary to bring about weight loss or is there a much better alternative?

In the How It All Started section, Brad Pilon gives insight into his journey from studying nutrition at university to being hired as a research analyst for a top supplement company. He also talks about his frustration with the industry and the blurred line between diet fact and fiction.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersIntroduction

To make sense of the crazy world of weight loss Brad was exposed to through his studies and working in the supplement industry, he became a voracious learning machine. He read all the top weight loss, nutrition, and diet books on the market. He also got stuck into complex and probably somewhat boring and technical research papers and textbooks. To progress his knowledge further he also enrolled in graduate school to study both human biology and netrucetical sciences.

At the end of his studies, Brad discovered that there are only two absolute truths when it comes to weight loss, all other statements or claims are opinions and therefore debatable. Without going into too much detail, one truth involved caloric restriction on the other was to do with fasting.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersThe Fasted State And The Disappearance Of The Fasted State

In this chapter, Brad goes into detail about fasting and what science, history and religion currently has to say about the fasted state. He also talks about the dynamic relationship between feeding and fasting and how it affects people’s ability to lose weight. Having an understanding about this cycle is vitally important to getting the most from this system.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersForget Everything You Have Ever Read About Fasting

Myths, misinformation, and flat out lies surround the subject of fasting. My own initial research over the years when I was searching for information about fasting for health purposes proved this to be true. In this chapter, Brad tells us to forget everything you have ever read about fasting, to clear your mind and to re-examine the actual facts and documented evidence that exists. This is an interesting chapter that is definitely worth paying attention to.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersFasting And Your Metabolism

In this chapter, Brad goes into detail about the topic of metabolism and how fasting affects it. Once again, he has done a wonderful job at breaking down this topic, and putting various research and scientific studies under scrutiny. This chapter reveals some amazing insights about the body and its response to fasting. There is also information about the Atkins Diet and Zone Diet, and the reason why both these diets inevitably fail in the long term.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersFasting And Exercise

If you have ever wanted to know the impact that fasting has on athletic performance or physical activity, then this chapter has your name written all over it! Once again Brad dives headfirst into the subject and reveals his various findings from research and scientific study of top athletes. I found it interesting to find that intermittent fasting (short term fasting) didn’t have any negative effect on athletic performances and in fact can actually improve it.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersFasting And Your Brain

Are you a student who is wondering the impact short term intermittent fasting will have on your ability to concentrate and intelligently function? According to studies, short term fasting does not decrease cognitive function. Long term fasting of many days and weeks showed a slight decrease in cognitive function but short term fasting passed with flying colors. This is great news!

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersFasting And Your Muscle Mass

This is the chapter that I had been waiting for, so I was paying particular attention to every word that was written. According to up-to-date research and various studies, short-term fasting did not negatively affect a users ability to build muscle as long as during the fast resistance training was utilized. This is great news!

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersFasting And Hunger

This is one of the most interesting chapters in a whole book. The question of, “why do we get hungry?” is examined at great length. Brad covers everything from mindless eating, sugar addiction and how marketing has affected how we experience hunger. This is very interesting stuff and I learned some things I had no idea about.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersFasting And Your Blood Sugar

Are you hypoglycemic or have low blood sugar? If so, this chapter will be an eye opener. According to the research Brad has done, short term fasting (24 hours) shouldn’t put anybody into a hypoglycemic state. He points to numerous studies to support this statement. But if you suffer from diabetes, Brad recommends going to a doctor before using this system.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersOther Misconceptions Of Fasting

Does fasting affect testosterone levels in men? Does cortisol play a role in obesity and does fasting increase cortisol? And what’s the deal with leptin? All these questions are answered in detail by Brad. And for the guys reading this, testosterone levels are not affected by short term intermittent fasting. Can I hear a “hell yeah?”

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Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersThe Health Benefits Of Fasting

This chapter starts off talking about the Mediterranean diet that was all rage during the late 1990s. Brad talks about how initially this diet was supposed to be healthy due to the healthy foods consumed by people living in a specific area in Greece. But one key factor was left out of the research is that between 180 and 200 days of every year, the people in this region had diet restrictions or they were in a state of fasting. Although Brad also says this isn’t conclusive evidence to support fasting but it is definitely something worth pointing out and it shows how it’s important to take in the whole 360 degree perspective to support or disprove a study.

Brad then reveals a long list of proven benefits of short-term intermittent fasting that has been published in multiple peer reviewed scientific studies. A few of these health benefits include, decreased blood glucose levels, increased growth hormone levels, and decreased body fat and body weight.

Each of the main benefits of intermittent fasting is then explored in detail and once again, many case studies and scientific research has been used to support Brad’s claims.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersThe Eat Stop Eat Way Of Life

I thoroughly enjoyed this short but enlightening chapter of Eat Stop Eat. Brad talks about Eat Stop Eat being a way of life, not just a diet. You will discover why intermittent fasting is such a sustainable activity that you can do long term and why you will easily be able to do it for life.

The ins-and-outs of Eat Stop Eat is covered in detail in this section. You will learn what is the intermittent fasting diet and what it isn’t. You will also learn the best method to fast, how to easily incorporate it into your schedule, what to do while fasting and tips and tricks to make the process smooth.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersHow To Fast Eat Stop Eat Style

There is so much flexibility built into the Brad Pilon’s book that it makes it so easy to introduce the Eat Stop Eat technique into your schedule, no matter how busy it may be. Brad gives you some tips to do this in the most effective way possible. If you are wondering how to make Eat Stop Eat a part of your daily life and eventually form it into a habit, then this chapter will be very helpful.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersHow To Eat “Eat Stop Eat” Style

This is a detailed chapter all about what to do after you have fasted. Or more specifically, what foods to eat and what diet you should be on. The surprising answer, is to keep in mind not to go overboard with your food choices but the idea is to eat as normally as you would have if you where not on a diet. Intermittent fasting works it’s fat burning magic regardless of your food and diet choices!

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersWhat To Do While Fasting

This section covers practical tips, essential tricks and easy to do techniques to ensure the success of your fast. The question of “what do I do while fasting?” is covered in-depth and Brad gives you a variety of methods to make each fasting session as effective as possible in regards to fat burning.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersHow To Workout With Eat Stop Eat

Resistance training is the recommended exercise for anybody who is using the Eat Stop Eat approach to lose weight. The reason why this is recommended is that it will help preserve muscle mass while you burn fat. This is very important for both men and women. If you are not a fan of resistance training, then why are you reading my blog? Only kidding! But seriously, with all the research and scientific studies done on the major health benefits of resistance training, I highly recommend that you start lifting weights as soon as possible as it will ensure the best results with intermittent fasting.

Brad gives you insights into the benefits of resistance training and also how to design your own workout program.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersHow To Keep It Off

This section talks about the longevity of the Eat Stop Eat method and why it’s easy to do both in the short term and the long term. This is one of the reasons why Intermittent fasting works so effectively, because it’s so super simple to do. Most diet systems only concentrate on the short term but the Eat Stop Eat approach is for life!

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersEat Stop Eat Conclusion

In this chapter Brad nicely wraps up and highlights the main points that he has talked about throughout the guide and gives a quick recap .  This chapter also ends with some inspiring advice about weight loss and life in general that you may like to adopt in your life. This is great for a quick revision of the Eat Stop Eat system at a glance.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersEat Stop Eat Frequently Asked Questions

Brad Pilon answers the most common questions and concerns about everything to do with intermittent fasting. There is a ton of questions that Brad answers in this section. These questions where asked by many of the people who went through the original course. So if you are left with any questions at the end of reading this guide then more than likely they will be answered in this section.

Eat Stop Eat Book ChaptersReferences

The guide ends with a vast list of all the references to support Brad’s statements and opinions. If you want to double check any of the “claims” he makes then it’s all here for you on a silver platter. Brad is very transparent  with all the research and studies he has based his finding on.

Eat Stop Eat Review Conclusion

I think it’s clear by now that I thoroughly recommend Brad Pilon and his guide Eat Stop Eat. It’s one of the smartest, detailed, comprehensive, and easy to use weight loss system that I have come across. I love how everything Brad does is backed and supported by logic and proven findings. Nothing in the 144 page guide alerted my BS radar!

If you are a man or women who wants to lose weight and keep it off long term using a unique and highly effective system, then I highly recommend you check out Eat Stop Eat. I am sure after a few intermittent fasting sessions, you will discover first hand how powerful this approach is and know without a doubt that it will become a way of life for you.

I hope you enjoyed this epic Eat Stop Eat review!

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Eat Stop Eat Diet

All the best on your body transformation adventures,

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