Customized Fat Loss Review – Pro’s And Con’s

Customized Fat Loss Review – Fully Analyzed

Customized Fat Loss ProgramKyle Leon, the genius behind the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program (which I was very impressed with) is back in the spotlight again with a program focused on getting amazing fat loss results within only twelve weeks. I got my greedy hands on this system to see if it contained any value. In this Customized Fat Loss review, I will be giving you the low down on this program to see how it compares to other fat loss products that are doing the rounds on the Internet.

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If you are considering investing in Customized Fat Loss, then I suggest you read through this review first as I will be ripping through Kyle’s program and revealing everything there is to know about it. I will also be going over both the pro’s and con’s of Customized Fat Loss so you can find out if this is the right fat loss program for you.

Customized Fat Loss – The Inside Scoop

When I first received Customized Fat Loss, I wanted to know if it was any different than the thousands of other crappy weight loss products that seem to keep coming out on an almost daily basis. As I have already noted, I have previously had experience with Kyle Leon and his techniques through his Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program. But the question on my mind was, “can Customized Fat Loss live up to the success set by his previous program?”

In Customized Fat Loss, Kyle uses his knowledge about somatotypes and applies it to the subject of weight loss. If you are thinking to yourself “what are somatotypes, please explain?”, I’m glad to see that you’re paying attention! The name “somatotype” was first coined by an American psychologist named William Herbert Sheldon. He categorized the various body types into three main groups. And depending on what body type you are naturally, what it responds to in regards to nutrition and exercise will be vastly different between each body type.

Practical knowledge about somatotypes is one of the key concepts and reasons why Kyle’s approach worked so well in The Muscle Maximizer. Now, in Customized Fat Loss, Kyle has again applied the theory of somatotypes to design a twelve week weight loss program around the concept of eating and training for your specific body type.

The Main Three Body Types

For an overview of the three main body types, let me give you a quick crash course.

Ectomorph Body Type – Super skinny men and women who have a super fast metabolism and struggle to put on weight and muscle mass are usually found in this group.

Mesomorph Body Type – Athletic men and women who either stay the same weight or swing between being underweight and overweight are usually categorized as a mesomorph.

Endomorph Body Type – People in this category are generally always locked in a hard fought battle against the bulge. They have a slow metabolism and struggle to lose weight and keep it off.

Does Body Type Specific Weight Loss Really Matter?

The reality is we are all very different, not just in visual appearance, but also in the way our body functions, what effects it, how it responds to certain foods and exercise, and our overall genetic make up. Customized Fat Loss is not a generic “one size fits all” approach. Instead, it treats you like the unique person that you are and addresses your specific needs, goals, and body type.

Before I go any further in this Customized Fat Loss review, it’s probably worth clearing up exactly who Kyle has designed this system for. Basically, the program is for anybody who wants to lose weight while keeping muscle mass. Because this is a highly customized approach, both men and women can use this program without fear that their gender needs are being neglected.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s get on with it :)

An Insider’s Look At Customized Fat Loss

Customized Fat LossComponent One – Customized Fat Loss Introduction

The first component of this program contains four resources that will introduce you to Kyle’s weight loss system. There is a general guide that will give you an overview of all the elements that make this system work. It’s a short seven pages in length, so nothing too heavy.

The eight page Body Type Guide will help you to quickly identify your unique somatotype or body type. This is vitally important to the success you have when it comes to entering your information into the software so that it can customize your weight loss plan.

There is also an eight page quick start guide and a seven minute video. Both these resources will show you how to access the customized weight loss software and how to configure and use it.

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Customized Fat Loss TrainingComponent Two – Customized Fat Loss Training

What good is a weight loss nutrition plan without a proven workout system? If you are serious about getting the best results then in my opinion there is no other option than to focus on both exercise and nutrition together as part of a cohesive unit. If you neglect any one of these two, then your results will be limited.

The training is split into two separate guides, one for men and one for women. The workout that you will be doing, the exercise selection, rest time, cardio, reps, sets, and so on will all be chosen based on your somatotype. Kyle is strictly against “one size fits all” type training programs and instead embraces a practical philosophy that is in line with your genetics.

I won’t give you a complete run down of the set/rep scheme for each body type as this would take too long and really isn’t necessary anyway. But what I will tell you is that if you choose to follow the outlined training program, you will be lifting weights four times per week and doing cardio (high intensity interval training) at least twice per week, preferably four times.

There are a variety of techniques that Kyle will introduce you to depending on your body type, such as supersets, ripped sets, failure sets, beyond failure sets, push and pull days, toning sets (for women) and so on. Every technique is explained and demonstrated in detail so that there won’t be any confusion. Although both the male and female training guides push 100+ pages in length, you will only need to study and follow the section created for your somatotype.

You will also get workout logs for each specific workout, which you can print off and take with you to the gym. As I hope you know by now, to maximize your results, you will need to record everything you do. If you fail to do this, you are “flying blind” on your quest to achieve an amazing body. So make sure you use the provided workout logs.

Customized Fat Loss SupplementationComponent Three – Customized Fat Loss Supplementation

The supplement section starts off with a short video introduction of Kyle, outlining how to get the most out of choosing the correct fat loss supplements. There are two guides that make up the bulk of this section, which are short and to the point. No fluff or filler material here. Kyle gets straight to the point about what has worked for him personally and his clients. He also reveals what doesn’t work and what you should stay away from.

Additionally, Kyle has organized with a top supplement company (which actually shows lab reports of ingredients) to offer his customers of Customized Fat Loss, a special deal on the top three recommended fat loss supplements, plus a few bonus products as well. This is entirely up to you if you want to take up this offer. You could create your own supplements by mixing and matching different ingredients or you could invest in this supplement stack. Either way, Kyle provides you with the offer if you choose to take it.

Kyle Leon's Peak In A WeekComponent Four – Peak In A Week

I really dig Kyle’s Peak In A Week guide and the software that accompanies it. This is the same as the 10 page guide in Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. I have used this before and it’s a fantastic way to look your best in only a week.

This is great to put into action when you have events like an upcoming beach holiday, a shoot, or a date with somebody special. It’s tougher than the main training program but if you want (or need) super fast results, then this will definitely give you an advantage.

Pro’s Of Customized Fat Loss

  • Focuses On The Dynamic Duo – I like to call the combination of nutrition and exercise the “dynamic duo” of weight loss or muscle building because both of these elements are vitally important to help you get quick and long lasting results. If you just focus on one and neglect the other, then you are ultimately sabotaging your results. In Customized Fat Loss you will get the best of both worlds. You will be provided with a detail training section on both diet and exercise, which is tailored specific to your body type for enhanced results.
  • Beyond The Three Main Body Types – There are other weight loss guides on the market that also use a somatotype approach to helping people lose weight but they only focus on the main three body types of ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. They neglect to reveal that most people are a combination of these body types and not just classed as one or the other. For instance, you could be a combination of a mesomorph and endomorph body type. This is addressed and taken into account by Kyle in Customized Fat Loss and is a real stand out benefit which is missing in other somatotype fat burning systems.
  • Save Thousands Of $$$ – Getting a top of the line, professional fitness nutritionist can have you digging deep into your pockets. To get a high quality, body type specific, and customized weight loss plan is not cheap by any means! In Customized Fat Loss, Kyle has cloned the type of advice you would get from a top professional and created a software that makes it super simple to punch in a your details and get a customized workout and nutrition plan. It doesn’t get any easier than this.
  • Patented Formulas – According the Kyle, the formulas that are contained in the software’s algorithm are patented, meaning that they are protected and cannot be used by anyone. These formulas are based many years of testing, tweaking and more testing, with top fitness models, professional bodybuilders and nutritionists.
  • Easy And Straightforward Approach – I have never been a fan of trying to work out my ideal nutrition profile. Even though it’s essential, I hate trying to find the number of calories, fats, and protein in common (and not so common) food items. I also hate trying to work out according to the nutrition plan I am on, how to combine my daily diet into an easy to use system. This is where the Customized Fat Loss software truly rocks. It makes the whole job of working out the nutrition and diet plan for your somatotype an absolute breeze. I also found value in the video walk through demonstrating how to use the software can have you up and running in next to no time.

Con’s Of Customized Fat Loss

  • Experience Level – If you have never lifted weights in your life before, then you could find it difficult doing some of the lifting techniques. As much as I like Customized Fat Loss, I think some detailed video’s outlining how to do each exercise, should have been provided by Kyle. Technically, you could just look up the exercises on YouTube if you are not sure how to perform any of them. But ultimately this program would have been far superior if exercise demonstration video’s where included.
  • Future Weight Loss – After the 12 week fat loss program has been completed, some users may be thinking to themselves “what next?”. Kyle doesn’t give any tips about what to do after the 12 week cycle is finished. Ideally, you should continue to use the fat loss software because it’s so highly effective but then you will need to invest in another workout program so that the results will stick. After the 12 week program has been completed, you could take a week off and then do the entire program again but this will give you weakened results because your body would have adapted to it already. If you wanted to go down this path though, you could alter the rep scheme slightly so that a new stimulus is created and results can continue. Or you could just purchase another fat burning program and cycle Customized Fat Loss into your schedule every few months.

Customized Fat Loss Review Conclusion

I am totally sold on theory of designing your nutrition plan and workout system depending on your unique somatotype. This is not only a smart approach but also the closest thing to getting your hands of a so called “perfect” system. Everything you do or do not do in the gym and with your nutrition, should be executed to help you get the most from your genetics. Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss truly excels when it comes to creating a tailor made program that will allow users to achieve great results in only twelve weeks. So if you are looking for a sound fat burning system for both men and women, then you might like to take a closer look at Kyle’s program.

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