Create Your Muscle Building Masterpiece

Have you ever heard the saying “without a vision people perish?” Well I am fond of saying “without a vision your muscle will perish” and it is definitely true! A vision is a clear image of the ultimate outcome for your goal, so in the case of building muscle you vision may be to have an outstanding, well defined physique and to look hot naked….

Whatever outcome you want from building muscle, you will need to get clear about it so you can sculpt it into your ultimate vision and then you will need to discover your purpose behind why you want to achieve this ultimate vision. Purpose will give your vision an added boost so that it become very attractive and motivating to take the necessary action steps to achieve what you truly desire.

If you currently do not have an outcome for working out or a half assed reason like “to get bigger”, this is just not going to cut it if you want outstanding results. To get the most from your workouts and demand more from yourself you are going to need to dig deep to find your ultimate outcome or vision.

To find your vision ask yourself the following questions: “what are the end results and outcomes that I want from building muscle mass?”, “what does my dream body look and feel like?”, “what identity do I want to have by achieving my ultimate outcome?” Answering these questions will help you get ideas for your ultimate vision.

Once you have found your ultimate vision of why you want to build muscle, you will need to tap into the power of purpose. To find out your purposes for working out start asking yourself the following questions: “what will I achieve by working out?”, “how will building muscle effect me positively?”, “ what will improve in my life if I achieve my ultimate vision?”, “how will achieving my vision effect me and those around me?”

By asking questions such as this you will tap into the power of “purpose” and this force can give you the power to work even harder in the gym, stay dedicated to your eating plans and do the things 99% of bodybuilders do not do but know they should do! The key to getting the juice of purpose flowing is to get lots of answers to the questions you ask and strong, emotional reasons are even more powerful.

Do not underestimate the power of finding your vision and then adding purpose to it. By regularly keeping your vision and purpose for building muscle in your mind throughout each and every day you will experience many positive benefits. You will find that you will achieve your muscle building goals much quicker and effectively than ever before.

So if you are still reading this and you have not stopped to create your muscle building masterpiece then take a few minutes to go back and create it. This technique may be simple but it is damn powerful!

Create your masterpiece!