Can’t Pick Up Women? It’s Because Your Body Ratio Sucks

Your body is one of the most powerful advertisement methods available. Think about it. Each time you step out into the public, you might as well consider yourself a walking, talking, breathing billboard.

But what does this billboard say about you to the opposite sex?

Does it make them want to learn more about the “product” in question, e.g. YOU!

Or does does it just blend in with the other 1000’s of marketing and advertising messages everybody is bombarded with on a daily basis? Causing her to not even notice you?

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be able to attract women, you have to know what cranks up their level of attraction on a primal level, so you can send off the right signals with your “advertisement”.

This is where your Adonis Index comes into the picture.

It’s one of the most powerful ways to get women to actually want to pick you up.

Now there’s a thought!

Knowledge about this powerful principle and strategy will result in you getting eyeballed by women wherever you go.

You will be a magnet of attraction for the opposite of sex.

So here’s what I want you to do…

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