Baby Faced Bodybuilders (Video Documentary)

Baby Faced BodybuildersWhen I was a teenager, I was busy chasing girls, playing video games, shooting hoops, and trying to avoid homework. I couldn’t imagine myself at 13, 15 or even 17 hitting the gym like a madman or “madboy” and training to become a competitive bodybuilder. Baby Faced Bodybuilders follows three UK teenagers, Jack aged 13, Chapelle aged 15, and Danny aged 17 on their quest (obsession is probably a more accurate word) to become bodybuilders.

This is an interesting documentary as it explores each teens obsession through their own eyes as well as their family and trainer. It also includes a classic line from Danny about what he eats leading up to a competition (this had me in stitches):

“at eight oclock in the morning I’ll have fish and a rice cake, at ten oclock I will have fish, at twelve oclock I’ll have fish and a rice cake, at two oclock I’ll have fish, at four oclock just before I train I will have fish and a rice cake, I’ll train and have me fish, I’ll come home have some more fish with a rice cake, and then I’ll have some fish before bed”

So if you’re looking for some entertainment, a few laughs, and “wow” moments, then check out this two part documentary below…

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