Hi everyone and welcome to Dude Where’s My Muscle!

My name is Alex Siddy and this blog is a passion driven project of mine to help guys to put on muscle and weight fast. I have been working out for the past 3 1/2 years now and I have gone from a skinny guy looking in the mirror and asking myself “Dude where’s my muscle?” to being totally confident with my body. But this wasn’t always the case…

Back in my skinny guy phase a few years ago I would do anything to hide my stick like frame. I would never, ever wear T-shirts and would always wear long baggy shirts instead. My legs were bright white all year round because I would never wear shorts, this also meant that I would never go to the beach and had a total phobia of taking my shirt off.

So I guess you could say that the first couple of decades + a few years were not the most fun for me. But I was exposed to a variety of personal development books from a friend and this is where my life took an unexpected twist…

I finally decided I had enough with being a skinny guy and decided I would do whatever it took to change my thin and stick like reality. I started buying Mens Health magazine and tried out different workouts that I found online and in books. I read everything and applied everything I learned and I did see some changes but not enough for me to look in the mirror and be happy with what was reflected back.

It actually took me about a year and a half before I started getting the muscle building equation right.

Mindset + Nutrition + Workouts + Recovery + Lifestyle Habits = Say Goodbye To The Skinny Guy!

I was aware of these factors before but I was always focused more on nutrition and on the workouts. I thought I was going about recovery right but I was way off. It was only until I added the mindset factor into the mix, tweaked my lifestyle habits, and fine tuned the other factors that my results started to sky rocket.

There are of course many other factors and lots of these I address in this blog, but I have found that if you get the right amount of knowledge and action for each of these main factors, anyone no matter if they are skinny or fat, will be able to turbo charge their results and get the body that they truly deserve.

To celebrate the results I achieved by “cracking the code” I decided to do some part time modelling, my girlfriend was already modelling full time so I decided to join her. I only was a “model” for a short period of time, as it was not really what I was into and I was really doing it for my own purposes to get some high quality pictures and to celebrate my success.

Since the pictures on this page were taken, I have gone on to increasing my mass further and learned many new, interesting and some even totally freakishly crazy techniques and exercises to build muscle mass. Many of these I will be writing about in this blog. So stay tuned to Dude Where’s My Muscle because there is a whole wealth of information that I will be pumping out. Please leave comments on any of the posts as I would love to interact with my readers.

All the best on your muscle building adventures,

This is a picture of my girlfriend and I in the Philippines for new years eve (hence the fireworks in the background), we were on a beautiful island called Boracay…light years away from our home in Australia!

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