Can’t Pick Up Women? It’s Because Your Body Ratio Sucks

Discover the powerful workout system that will allow you to create the body that attracts women on a primal level. This may be too powerful for some of you guys to handle…

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fat gripz

Fat Gripz Video – The Gym Workout Turbocharger?

Find out why your body’s weakest link can stop you from achieving the best results in the gym. Watch this video to solve this troubling problem!

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Daniel Craig Muscle Body

Daniel Craig Skyfall Workout – Licence To Get Ripped

Do you want to know how Daniel Craig got ripped for his role as James Bond? Find out in this Daniel Craig Skyfall workout routine!

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How To Increase Your Bench Press – The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to learn how to increase your bench press? This ultimate resource list of kick-ass tips, effective tricks and dynamite techniques will help make your chest pop!

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Tom Hardy Warrior Workout

Tom Hardy Bane Workout…The Muscle Rises!

With all the attention of the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises, everybody is wondering how Tom Hardy transformed his body into the monstrous Villain Bane. Find out in this post!

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Baby Faced Bodybuilders

Baby Faced Bodybuilders (Video Documentary)

Where you obsessed with bodybuilding at the age of 13, 15, or 17? This eye opening documentary follows the lives of three teenagers and their obsession to become bodybuilders.

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no pain no gain movie

No Pain No Gain – Mark Wahlberg VS The Rock

Who is more ripped, Marky Mark or The Rock in the new bodybuilding movie directed by Michael Bay called No Pain No Gain?

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The 91 Year Old Bodybuilder & Slaying The Excuse Making Monster

So you think you’ve got excuses for why you cannot workout or go on a diet? After reading this article, you won’t have any excuses. Well, not at least until you are about 100!

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Sue Heintze

Sorry Guys For Women Only – Female Fat Free Solution Review

Interested in learning how to lose weight, burn fat, and send cellulite packing. Check out my detailed (and epic) Female Fat Free Solution review today. Sorry guys this one ain’t for you!

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Ben Pakulski MI40 Workout

Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Workout System Is Now Live!!!

Check out Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski’s brand spanking new muscle building workout system called MI40. Read my full and complete review…

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